Assessment Practices Task Force

The Office of the Associate Vice-Principal, Teaching and Learning (AVPTL) will establish a task force to investigate assessment practices as they relate to summative assessments. A summative assessment is a graded evaluation of student learning in relation to stated course-level learning outcomes, typically at the end of a learning period or unit.


The Task Force will consult with the teaching and learning community, including students, to consider and make recommendations on the following:

  • What types of summative assessments are used by Queen’s instructors and more broadly throughout the postsecondary sector?
  • What are the pros/cons and recommended ‘case-use(s)’ for different types of summative assessments?
  • How might summative assessments differ for in-person versus online students?
  • What type of institutional support is needed to operationalize each type of summative assessment?
  • What types of support should be provided centrally (e.g., OUR, ITS) versus by the Faculties/Schools?


Terms of Reference

  • Develop an evidence-based list of summative assessments used by Queen’s instructors and throughout the postsecondary sector.
  • Identify the pros/cons for each type, as well as the ideal ‘case-use(s)’, to facilitate instructor awareness.
  • Consult with individuals in the teaching and learning community, including administrators, instructors, students, and staff to solicit input on the current and future use of different types of summative assessments.
  • Develop the minimal requirements to operationalize support for each assessment type.
  • Make recommendations concerning the types of institutional support for summative assessments, including whether support is done centrally and/or by Faculties/Schools
  • Guide and develop academic policies relevant to final assessment practices
  • Suggest a timeline to implement any recommended changes
  • Consult with Faculties/Schools, the Provost, VP Student Affairs and VP Finance and Administration to determine budgetary implications of any recommended changes



  • AVPTL – Klodiana Kolomitro
  • OUR – Suzanne Arniel
  • FAS – Bill Nelson
  • FEAS – Brian Frank
  • QHS – Jordan Miller
  • SGS – Chris Deluca
  • CTL – Lauren Anstey
  • Resource – Kairee Kirkwood/Sue Blake