Tier 1B and 2A Requests

Tier 1B and 2A Requests

Please select the email link to the appropriate Faculty decision-maker listed below and ensure that the following information is populated correctly:

  1. Subject Line - "Timetabling Request"
  2. Your name
  3. Your email address
  4. Your Faculty
  5. Your Department (if applicable)
  6. The Request Type – whether Tier 1B or Tier 2A
  7. Your specific timetable request (e.g., can only teach after 10 a.m. or cannot teach on Mondays)
  8. On which basis you are making your request, and how is your timetable affected? Is it based on:
    • an enumerated ground in the Human Rights Code other than disability (Tier 1B); or
    • your membership in an equity-seeking group (Tier 2A)

If required, the Dean/delegate may request additional information from you directly.

Contact details of Faculty decision-makers:

Faculty of Arts and Science Jenn Stephenson, Associate Dean Arts and Science Timetabling
Faculty of Education Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Dean rebecca.luce-kapler@queensu.ca
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Kevin Deluzio, Dean engadmin@queensu.ca
Faculty of Health Sciences Michael Kawaja, Associate Dean kawajam@queensu.ca
Faculty of Law Gail Henderson, Associate Dean gail.henderson@queensu.ca
Smith School of Business

Sandy Staples, Associate Dean