Definition of the Fall Term Break

The Fall Term break is a pause from regular academic activities. Depending on individual needs, it is an opportunity for students to: 

  • Rest, regroup, and practice self-care to support mental and physical health 
  • Review previous course work
  • Prepare for the remainder of the term
  • Take time for personal preparation and skills development

There will be no scheduled classes, practical sessions, academic deliverables, or progress on academic work expected during the fall term break.

  • The definition does not apply to the weekend days immediately preceding and following the official fall term break period
  • The only exception is academic activities that require multiple days of travel outside of campus
  • The definition applies to academic courses taken by graduate students, but does not apply to thesis work or teaching assistantships
  • The definition does not apply to experiential learning activities, such as internships, practicum or other work-integrated learning activities, where a student’s schedule is set by an external organization