ISTHMOS Archaeological Excavation Project of the Roman City of Nora

CLST 408/CLAS 808 - Archaeology Fieldwork Practicum I
An intensive six-week study of archaeological methods and interpretation while participating in a fieldwork project run by a member of the Classics Department. Students will actively contribute to the project with scientific reports and stratigraphic records.

COST:  Students are expected to pay their own travel costs and a course fee to be determined. (6.0 credit units)
NOTE:  In addition to tuition, students are required to pay for their own transportation to the archaeological site and to pay a camp fee.
NOTE:  Offered in Summer Term.
INSTRUCTOR:   Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino
LEARNING HOURS:  282 (201Lb;18T;27G;36I)
PREREQUISTE:  Level 2 or above or Permission of the Department
UNITS: 6.0