Bjorn Bols (MA in Classics) – Ancient Greek Wrestling

Bjorn Bols


My name is Bjorn Bols and I'm completing a Master's thesis in Classical studies on the topic of Ancient Greek Wrestling. By applying my own practical experience in grappling sports like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu I aim to highlight the similarities between modern and ancient wrestling and dispel misunderstandings about the ancient sport. In this exercise, I hope to illuminate the high degree of wrestling literacy found in the Greco-Roman world by explaining the moves and minutia found in wrestling images and artifacts, which also highlights the prestigious and popular position the sport held throughout antiquity.

In regards to this interview, I have some experience working in Radio and I love listening to podcasts. I saw a flyer from our campus radio station CFRC looking to interview Master's students about their research. I thought that sounded like a fun opportunity and a chance to see the radio station firsthand which was incredibly cool, and I recommend other students to check it out if they get the chance! In this interview I got the chance to explain my research, why I chose this particular topic, and what I love about Classical Studies and our program here at Queen's University.


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