CLST 200: Greek History

Battle of Issus Mosaic

CLST 200

Type: 200 level
Units: 3.00
Term: Winter 2024
Instructor: Dr. Poletti
Textbook: S. Pomeroy et al., A Brief History of Ancient Greece, Fourth Edition, Oxford University Press, 2020
Delivery: In-Person

Did the Trojan War really happen? What caused the Persian Wars? And what did Alexander’s conquests hope to achieve? Greek history remains in the making: together, we will seek to answer these questions and many more, while pointing to new evidence, to problems with our sources, and to the gaps that remain in our understanding.

This course will give you a broad familiarity with the long scope of ancient Greek history, from the Late Bronze Age to the death of Cleopatra. Social, political, as well as cultural developments will be highlighted, especially in Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and Macedon. We will also explore how the Greeks interacted with other cultures of the ancient world and periodically pause to enquire about the relevance of the study of Greek history in modern debates.