CLST 311: Greek and Roman Epic

Trojan Horse

CLST 311

Type: 300 level
Units: 3.00
Term: Fall 2022
Instructor: Drew Griffith
Delivery: In-Person

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  • Ruden, Sarah. Vergil: the Aeneid. New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 2008.

Get a chance to explore the oldest works of European literature by Homer and Hesiod, the longest Greco-Roman work that survives today, Nonnus' Dionysiaca, and "the classic of all Europe" (T. S. Eliot), Virgil's Aeneid. Read about superheroes with x-ray vision who can run on water in Apollonius' Argonautica, discover the poem that got its author a one-way ticket to Romania, Ovid's  Metamorphoses, and throw in for good measure a physics-textbook written in verse, Lucretius' On the Nature of Things.