Courses outside of Classics

Policy on courses taken outside of Classics

Classics MA students can seek permission to take courses outside of the Classics Department to count towards the number of courses required for their degree pattern. Permission must be granted by their Supervisor (or the Department Head if no Supervisor has been chosen), the Classics Graduate Coordinator, and the course’s Instructor.

The Department's evaluation of whether a course taught outside the Classics Department can be accepted as a substitute for a Classics course will depend on the following criteria:

  1. Whether the subject matter of the course is closely aligned with the subjects taught by our department;
  2. Whether the subject matter of the course is appropriate for an MA degree in one of our two fields (Classics and Archaeology; Classical Studies and Archaeology);
  3. Whether the course is being taught by a member of our graduate faculty ( or is administered jointly with the Classics Department (i.e. RELS 887).

The total number of courses a student can take outside of the Classics Department will be assessed on an individual basis in consultation with the Classics Graduate Committee.