Classics Graduate Student Council

CGSC Email:

Fall 2022

President: Shanna Ingram

Vice President: Katrina Jonhston

Mentorship Chair: Tina Al-Soof

Social Coordinator: Katherine Petrasek

SGPS Representative: Aaron Ash Cutajar

Marketing Coordinator: Marie McMenamin

Union Representative: Thomas Wornes

Fall 2021

Throughout the summer of 2021, a constitution was drafted and approved by the Classics MA Students before being ratified by the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. The first official elections of the CGSC were held in October of the same year, with the executive positions being fulfilled as follows:

President: Annabeth Deakin

Vice-President: Emily Croft

Mentorship Chair: Andrew Field

Social Coordinator: Shanna Ingram

Marketing Coordinator: Jessica Allin

SGPS Representative: Ramtin Tavakkoli

Union Representative: Thomas Wornes

Fall 2020

In the Fall of 2020, Classics MA students established a preliminary Classics Graduate Student Council. This initial Council held four positions: President, Social Events Coordinator, Mentorship Program Coordinator, and Communications Director.

Classics Graduate Student Council Constitution (PDF 129KB)