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Oliver Post Doctoral Fellow 2019-2021:  Johan (Hanna) MacKechnie

Dr. MacKechnie completed her PhD in History at Queen’s and is pleased to be back at her alma mater as the Oliver Post-Doctoral Fellow in Classics and History. Prior to returning to Queen’s, Dr. MacKechnie held fellowships at two prestigious European universities: Sciences Po (the Paris Institute of Political Studies), France, and the University of Basel, Switzerland. Dr. MacKechnie is an Iberian social historian and sets her work within both a European and Mediterranean studies frame. She is currently finishing her first book, preliminarily titled PreModern Migration: Journeys into Valencia after the Black Death Plague. Her newest project examines the role plague epidemics played in shaping economic and social change in late antique and medieval Iberia. The project questions how Eastern Iberian labor markets responded to plague epidemics, particularly the Justinian Plague of the sixth century and the Black Death Plague of the fourteenth century. Dr. MacKechnie has taught widely in the fields of medieval studies, world history, religious studies, and classics.