Photo of Dr. Jan-Mathieu Carbon

Jan-Mathieu (Mat) Carbon

Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Chair

Department of Classics & Archaeology

Faculty of Arts and Science

Research Interests: Cultural interactions and discourses of ethnicity and indigeneity in ancient Greece, Anatolia and the Near East; slavery in the Greco-Roman world and the Near East; calendars, festivals, divination, and other aspects of religion in ancient Greece, Anatolia and the Near East; Greek epigraphy; digital humanities (especially enhancing decipherment and text encoding).


Courses Taught: I normally teach undergraduate Greek history courses, the history of the ancient Near East, as well as a new course on perceptions of ethnicity and indigeneity in the ancient Greek world (CLST 350).



D.Phil. Classics/Ancient History (Oxford), M.A. Classics (McMaster), B.A. Greek (Queen's)


Corpus Project

I am working with Signe Isager  and Poul Pedersen of the University of Southern Denmark on a corpus of the Inscriptions of Halikarnassos. This is a part of the larger Danish Halikarnassos Project working in Bodrum, Turkey.

Ongoing Digital Projects

-CGRN: Co-author with Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge, Saskia Peels-Matthey, and several other contributors of the Collection of Greek Ritual Norms, based at Université de Liège in Belgium  and the Collège de France in Paris. This project provides  online editions, translations, and commentaries of Greek inscriptions defining  purification, sacrifice, and other rituals.

-CIOD: Co-author with Éric Lhôte of the Choix d'inscriptions oraculaires de Dodone, part of the larger project Dodona on Line (DOL). The CIOD aims to provide new editions, translations, and commentaries of selected tablets from the oracle of Dodona in Epiros.


I am a member of the editorial board of the periodical Kernos which presents new studies on ancient Greek religion, and an associate editor  of the annual Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum


Selected Publications (from 2014)

Co-Edited Volumes

2018. with S. Peels-Matthey. Purity and Purification in the Ancient Greek World: Texts, Rituals, and Norms (Kernos, Supplement 32). Presses Universitaires de Liège: Liège. pp. 372. ISBN 9782875621597.

2014. with W. Blümel and R. van Bremen. A Guide to Inscriptions in Milas and its Museum, Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları: Istanbul. pp. viii + 105. ISBN 9786053962830.

Book Chapters and Articles

2021. "Funerals and Foreigners, Founders and Functionaries: On the Boundary Stones of Associations from Kos". In A. Cazemier and S. Skaltsa eds. Associations and Religion in Context: The Hellenistic and Roman Eastern Mediterranean(Kernos Suppl. 38). Presses Universitaires de Liège: Liège. 167-204.

2021. "The Place of Purity: Groups and Associations, Authority and Sanctuaries".In V. Gabrielsen and M. Paganini eds. Private Associations in the Ancient Greek World: Regulations and the Creation of Group Identity. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. 86-116.

2021. “Two Studies on the Epigraphy of Greek Sacrificial Butchery”. In E. Mackil and N. Papazarkadas eds. Greek Epigraphy and Religion, Papers in Memory of Sara B. Aleshire from the Second North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy. Brill: Leiden/Boston: 27-50.

2019. “'King Harvest Has Surely Come': On the Seasonal Festival of the Kalamaia. In A. Gartziou-Tatti and A. Zografou eds. Des dieux et des plantes. Monde végétal et religion en Grèce ancienne (Kernos Suppl.34). Presses Universitaires de Liège: Liège. 127-140.

2018. "A Network of Hearths: Honours, Sacrificial Shares, and 'Traveling Meat'". In J. Blok, F. van der Eijnde, and R. Strootman eds. Feasting and Polis Institutions(Mnemosyne Suppl. 414). Brill: Leiden/Boston. 340-375.

2017. “Sailing to Dodona: On the Naa, the Aktia, and times of consultation of the oracle”. In K. Soueref ed. Δωδώνη, Οι ερωτήσεις των χρησμών, Νέες προσεγγίσεις στα χρηστήρια ελάσματα / Dodona, The Omen’s Questions, New approaches in the oracular tablets. Ioannina. 95-111.

2017. “Meaty Perks: Epichoric and Topological Trends”. In S. Hitch and I. Rutherford eds. Animal Sacrifice in the Ancient Greek World.Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. 151-177.

20172 (2015). “Ritual Cycles: Calendars and Festivals”. In E. Eidinow and J. Kindt eds. The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Religion(2nd edition). University Press: Oxford. 537-550. ISBN 9780198810179.

2017. “At the Table of the Gods? Divine Appetites and Animal Sacrifice". CHS Research Bulletin 5.2 (online).

2016. “The Festival of the Aloulaia and the Association of the Alouliastai: Notes Concerning the New Inscription from Larisa/Marmarini”. Kernos 29: 185-208.

2015. “Rereading the Ritual Tablet from Selinous”. In A. Ianucci, F. Muccioli, and M. Zaccarini eds. La città inquieta, Selinunte tra lex sacra e defixiones (Diadema 3). Mimesis: Sesto San Giovanni. 165-204 + 306.

Collaborative Chapters and Articles

2021. with S. Isager. “Early Ptolemaic Halikarnassos (ca. 280-260 BC) and its Network of Interactions”. In P. Pedersen, B. Poulsen, and J. Lund eds. Karia and the Dodekanese, Cultural interrelations in the south-eastern Aegean c. 500 BC – AD 500 (vol. II). Oxbow Books: Oxford/Philadelphia. 109-124.

2021. with S. Isager and P. Pedersen. “A Pair of Brothers in the Court of Antiochos I: A New Honorific Decree from Halikarnassos”. In P. Brun, L. Capdetrey, and P. Fröhlich eds. L’Asie Mineure au IIIe siècle. Ausonius: Pessac. 213-229.

2020. with S. Isager and P. Pedersen. “A Thesauros for Sarapis and Isis: I.Halikarnassos *290 and the Cult of the Egyptian Gods at Halikarnassos”. In L. Bricault and R. Veymiers eds. Bibliotheca Isiaca IV. Ausonius: Pessac. 75-83.

2019. with V. Pirenne-Delforge, "Two Notes on the Collection of Greek Ritual Norms Looking Back, Looking Forward”, Axon 3.2: 103-115 (online).

2018. with S. Isager and P. Pedersen. “An Inscribed Stele Depicting a Horseman Now in the Bodrum Museum”. Philia 4: 26-30.

2017. with V. Pirenne-Delforge. “Codifying 'Sacred Laws' in Ancient Greece”. In D. Jaillard and C. Nihan eds. Writing Laws in Antiquity / L’écriture du droit dans l’Antiquité (BZAR 19). Harrasowitz: Wiesbaden: 141-157.

2017. with S. Isager and P. Pedersen. “Priestess Athenodote: New Pieces of Evidence for the History and the Cults of Late Hellenistic Halikarnassos, I.Halikarnassos *294 (and *297)”. ZPE 201: 165-186.

2016. with J. Clackson. “Arms and the Boy: On the New Festival Calendar from Arkadia”. Kernos 29: 119-158.

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