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Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Classics and Archaeology

A Graduate Research Assistant is sought from 1 May-31 August to assist Prof. J.-M. Carbon’s research on Greek inscriptions. The GRA will be expected to contribute to one or more of the following tasks: lemmatisation of Greek words, the elaboration of indices of Greek words and other indexing work; the constitution of bibliographies; and/or the compiling of concordances. The post will be an opportunity for the candidate to further develop their competence in ancient Greek, to hone their research skills, as well as to acquaint themselves with the diversity of ancient Greek dialects and with a variety of phenomena relating to ancient culture and religion.

Required  Qualifications: The candidate must be currently enrolled in graduate work and is expected to have at least a good proficiency in ancient Greek.

Required Documentation: please submit a complete CV for consideration, notably stating the qualifications in ancient Greek.

The University invites applications from all qualified individuals. Queens is strongly committed to employment equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and encourages applications from Black, racialized/visible minority and Indigenous/Aboriginal people, women, persons with disabilities, and 2SLGBTQ+ persons. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, in accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada will be given priority.

Anticipated hours of work: 10 hours /week.

Period of employment: 1 May-31 August (17 work weeks)

Deadline: April 28th 11:59 pm. Review of applications will begin April 29th  

Please submit applications to


Department of Classics

Graduate Teaching Assistant Postings 2023-24

For the 2023-24 Academic Year the Department of Classics may require graduate Teaching Assistants for the course listed below (conditional upon enrolment figures and budgetary approval).



 No Current Postings Available


Course descriptions are available at

Graduate TA-ships will only be offered to candidates in Group B, C or D after the qualified candidates in Group A have been exhausted.  In addition we will do our best to match your preference to course offerings.

Group A: for qualified graduate students registered as:
(i)         students in a department or program in which the TA-ship will be offered; or

(ii)        students in an interdisciplinary program with TA budget resources, 
and for whom   the TA-ship has been granted as part of the funding commitment offered by the Employer.

Group B: for qualified graduate students registered as:
(i)         students in a department or program in which the TA-ship will be offered; or

(ii)        students in an interdisciplinary program with TA budget resources, 
and for whom
(iii)       the TA-ship will not form part of the funding commitment offered by the Employer; or

(iv)       there is currently no funding commitment provided by the Employer.

Group C: for qualified graduate students that have previously held a TA-ship or TF-ship for the Employer.

Group D: for qualified graduate students that have not yet met the criteria as set out in A, B, or C.

The primary purpose of teaching assistantships is to support undergraduate teaching.  Consequently, academic excellence in the course for which teaching assistantships exist is mandatory. 

Full graduate TAships in Classics normally involve 120 hours per term for both the fall and winter terms.

Duties may also include:

  • Attending class
  • General duties to assist the professor.
  • Preparation of tests/exams
  • Marking
  • Meeting with and/or responding to (email) student queries.
  • Facilitating discussion groups
  • Leading tutorials
  • onQ development

Please forward your applications* and ranked course preferences and other relevant material to our Departmental Assistant at 

*What to include in your application: 

CV, unofficial transcripts and a one-paragraph statement of why you want to TA for a particular course, including a statement of relevant experience.  Please rank your course preferences by term.  In general, it is recommended that you apply listing all courses for which you are qualified.

For more information, please contact Dr. Colivicchi, Graduate Coordinator, Department of Classics, .