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Leslie Ritchie


PhD McMaster, CV/Bio (PDF 332 KB)

613-533-6000, ext. 74429

Office Hours: Mon. and Tues. 1:30-2:30 pm
Office: Watson Hall, Room 427


2019-20 Courses

  • ENGL 330 001/6.0 Restoration and 18th-Century Literature (1660-1790)
  • ENGL 431 001-4/3.0 Topics in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature – Story in the 18th Century

Research Interests

  • British literature of the Restoration and eighteenth century
  • newspapers, music, popular prints, and other performance-related ephemera
  • David Garrick and London theatre, 1741-1776

Recent Publications

“Pox on Both Your Houses: The Battle of the Romeos.” Georgian Theatre in an Information Age: Media, Performance, Sociability. Eds. Daniel O'Quinn and Gillian Russell. Eighteenth-Century Fiction 27:3 (Spring-Summer 2015). 373-393.

“Theatre and Commerce.” The Wiley Encyclopedia of British Literature 1660-1789. Eds. Jack Lynch and Gary Day.  (2015).

“The Spouters’ Revenge: Apprentice Actors and the Imitation of London’s Theatrical Celebrities.” The Eighteenth Century: Theory & Interpretation 53.1 (Winter 2012). 41-71.

Women Writing Music in Late Eighteenth-Century England: Social Harmony in Literature and Performance, 1740-1800.  Ashgate, 2008.

Current Supervisions

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