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Photo: Scott-Morgan Straker

Scott-Morgan Straker

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair of English

PhD Cambridge

  • Middle English literature, especially fifteenth-century followers of Chaucer (Lydgate, Hoccleve)
  • theoretical approaches to medieval culture
  • Old English and Old Norse
  • early modern literature
  • constructions of gender and subjectivity in medieval texts


Undergraduate Program Office:

Individual Office:

  • 613-533-6000, ext. 74424
  • office: Watson Hall, Room 436
  • office hours: Tue. 10 am - 2 pm

2020-21 Courses

Recent Publications

“Propaganda, Intentionality, and the Lancastrian Lydgate,” John Lydgate: Poetry, Culture and Lancastrian England, ed. James Simpson and Larry Scanlon (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2006) 98–128.

“Deference and Difference: Lydgate, Chaucer and The Siege of Thebes,” Review of English Studies 52 (2001): 1-21.