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Asha Vardharajan

Asha Varadharajan

Associate Professor

PhD Saskatchewan 

  • postcolonial literatures and studies in globalization and culture
  • literary theory (Marxism, post-structuralism, feminism and psychoanalysis)
  • cultural studies
  • critical race theories and multiculturalism
  • Adorno and the Frankfurt School
  • violence
  • civil society
  • the bio-politics of citizenship
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2019-20 Courses

  • ENGL 271 001-9/3.0 Issues and Themes: Special Topics I – Writing from "Other" Worlds
  • ENGL 421 002-5/3.0 Topics in Renaissance Literature I – Shakespeare & Film: Celluloid Shakespeare
  • ENGL 878 Topics in Postcolonial Literature: "Inglan is a Bitch": An Introduction to the Postcolonial Condition

Recent Publications

“‘The world is spoilt in the white man’s time’: Imagining Postcolonial Temporalities.” Co-authored essay with Tim Wyman-McCarthy. In After Colonial Governmentality: Biopolitics and Memory in the Postcolony. Ed. Michael Griffiths. Ashgate Press, 2016.

“Subjectivity.” Intercultural Discourse - Key and Contested Concepts. Eds. Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach, Gita Dharampal-Frick, and Minou Friele (Hg.). Verlag Karl Alber, 2012. 112-121.

“‘The Wordshop of the Kitchen’: Impressions of Austin Clarke and Paule Marshall.” The Puritan (Spring 2017).

“‘half sick of shadows’: Figure and Ground in Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s Imagination of the Subaltern.” Cultural Studies 30.4 (2016): 730-753.

“Edward Said and the (Mis)fortunes of the Public Intellectual.” College Literature. 40.4 (Fall 2013): 52-74.

“Michael Ignatieff, Romeo Dallaire, Stephen Lewis, and the Making(s) of a Canadian Global Conscience.” University of Toronto Quarterly. 82.2 (Spring 2013): 352-374.

Scholarly Tribute to Helen Tiffin in Kunapipi: Journal of Postcolonial Writing & Culture. 34.2 (2012): 215-25.

“Between Securocratic Historiography and the Diasporic Imaginary: Framing the Transnational Violence of Air India Flight 182.” With Raji Singh Soni. TOPIA: Journal of Canadian and Cultural Studies 27 (Spring 2012): 177-195.

Current Supervisions

Sarah Kent, Amelia Labenski, Dani MacDonald (about students)