Queen's University Quality Assurance Processes (QUQAP)

Introduction to Queen's Quality Assurance Processes

Queen’s University Quality Assurance Processes (QUQAP) provide the framework for approval of new academic programs, major modifications to programs and regular reviews of existing programs. QUQAP builds on the provincial Quality Assurance Framework developed by the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance.

The purpose of QUQAP is to ensure continued high quality for both existing and new undergraduate, graduate and professional programs at Queen’s, as well as to support efforts to ensure consistency and cohesion of all academic programs offered by Ontario’s publicly assisted universities. Overall responsibility for the process lies with the provost, with oversight delegated to the vice-provost (teaching and learning).

Queen's University Quality Assurance Processes Policy

Development of Queen's University Quality Assurance Processes

In 2010, the Council of Ontario Universities (COU), through the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV), and in consultation with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), agreed that the quality of university programs would be monitored through the Ontario Universities Quality Assurance Council (QC). 

The objective is to facilitate a more integrated approach to academic and budgetary planning, and to enhance the quality of a university education. It also aims to improve consistency among all university programs offered in Ontario. Queen's own institutional quality assurance processes, which build upon the Quality Assurance Framework, were updated and approved by Queen's Senate and the provincial Quality Council in 2022. 

Audit of Queen's University Quality Assurance Processes

Once every eight years, all publicly assisted Ontario Universities are required to participate in an audit to determine whether or not the institution, since its last review, has acted in compliance with the provisions of its Quality Assurance Processes. Queen’s first audit took place in February 2014 and no causes for concern were identified. The detailed findings of the review can be found in the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance Summary Report.

Following the audit of Queen's University's Quality Assurance Processes in 2014, we made the improvements recommended by the Quality Council. The Auditors' Report outlines our follow-up actions.

Additional Information about Queen's University Quality Assurance Processes

Significant Dates and Deadlines

Meeting dates for all Faculty Boards, Graduate Councils along with GSEC, SCADP, Senate, Appraisal Committee, and Quality Council are available here: 2022-23 Important Dates and Deadlines (PDF, 139 KB).


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Queen's University Quality Assurance Processes policy

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