CLST 207: The Ancient Near East

Throne Dais of Shalmaneser III


CLST 207

Type: 200 level
Units: 3.00
Term: Winter 2025
Instructor: Dr. Carbon
Delivery: In-Person
Textbook: M. Van De Mieroop, A History of the Ancient Near East, ca. 3000-323 BC, Third Edition, 2016.  

From some of the world's first cities to the technology of writing, from the rise of "priest-kings" to the figure of a divine ruler, and from interstate diplomacy to the "conflict" or "buffer zone" of Syria-Palestine, the region often known as the Ancient Near East (or Middle East) continues to be a wellspring of interest.

This course offers a broad survey of the history of this area from about 4000 to 539 BC (Ancient Egypt is only sporadically treated). From Sumer to the Assyrians, and from Babylon to the Hittites, we highlight the major places and events in the history of the Ancient Near East, as well as important technological, political, social, cultural, and religious developments. We also explore how the study of this history continues to be written and how it relates to a number of contemporary issues (state formation, population movements and immigration, warfare, slavery, etc.).