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During January and February 2022, all client services are available online.  Please visit our information page for links to our eServices.

International Payments (from outside Canada only)

Tuition and related fees, such as: Student Activity Fees, Residence fees, UHIP, and meal plans may be applied to a student's SOLUS account.

If you have a CAD Bank account at a Canadian financial institution, please use Online Banking.


Sending funds from your bank in your home currency

Queen's University has partnered with CIBC International Student Pay to make paying your student fees easier than ever. This means that you can pay in your preferred currency and CIBC will convert your student payments to CAD and transfer the funds to Queen's University to be posted to your student account on SOLUS.

To pay your student account using a foreign currency, please follow the steps below:

  1. Using your Queen’s NetID, log on to your SOLUS student portal.
  2. Make a note of the amount you need to pay
    • Assessed fees - On the SOLUS home page, in your Account Summary, click the “Charges by Due Date” link to see how much you owe and the due date for these fees.
    • Deposit Requirement – you can use this payment method to pay your deposit requirement, if required, as part of your acceptance to your program
  3. Obtain an exchange rate quote
    1. On the SOLUS home page, in the Finances section, click the “Pay by International Wire” link. This will take you away from the Queen’s website, to the CIBC portal.

Follow the steps on the CIBC portal to get an exchange rate quote, and payment instructions that you will need to provide to your bank. If you need help navigating the CIBC portal, please contact

    Make a payment to Queen’s

  • For Wire Transfers:  You will receive detailed instructions and a reference code to deliver to your local bank within 72 hours (excluding weekends).  Your bank simply follows the instructions and sends the funds to CIBC.
  • For China UnionPay:  Students from China now have a solution to pay your student fees in Chinese Renminbi (CNY) with your China UnionPay card.  When completing a payment through the International Student Pay platform using UnionPay, the rate provided will be valid for 30 minutes, and after completing the transaction, the funds will be processed.  A 1.16% convenience fee will apply.
  •     For MasterCard/Visa:  Paying with credit card is a fast and convenient method to complete your payment online, without needing to visit a bank branch in person.  When completing a payment through the International Student Pay platform using a credit card, the rate provided will be valid for 30 minutes , and after completing the transaction, the funds will be processed.  A 2.25% convenience fee will apply.
  •     For Pre-Authorized Debit (ACH):  Students from the United States (or U.S. Account holders ) can use Pre-Authorized Debit and authorize CIBC to directly debit your USD bank account.

        You can log into the CIBC portal at any time to review the status of your payment.  Your payment should appear in your SOLUS account within 5 business days of you making the payment.  If your payment doesn’t appear in SOLUS by then, please contact



If your local currency is not supported by the International Wire option or you would prefer to use the Direct Wire option, then you can request information by sending an email to , with the Subject line “Requesting wire information”, and in the body please explain why you require the wire information, what currency you currently hold, what country you are paying from along with your name, student number and contact information. This method of payment requires that you convert the funds to CAD before you wire them to Queen’s.

Please note:

  • Aside from the sending bank, the receiving bank may impose service charges and additional handling charges.
  • Wires sent directly to the University will take 2-10 business days to be received and processed.
  • Ensure that your name and student number is included in the wire transfer information so the payment can be credited to your SOLUS account.

If you are using TRANSFERWISE to wire payments to Queen’s University, please be aware that TRANSFERWISE does not submit any detail of your payment to Queen’s. You are requested to submit your payment confirmation/receipt to This will ensure the payment is applied to your SOLUS student account.


    For instructions on how to pay via Western Union's 'GlobalPay' service,

    PAYMENTS BY MAIL (from outside Canada only)

    Payments by mail are usually made by students living outside Canada. For those living in Canada, we recommend using other payment options. If you are sending a payment by mail, please allow extra time for mail delivery and processing to ensure the payment is posted to SOLUS by the due date.

    Only money orders, or bank drafts payable to Queen's University (in Canadian or US funds only) will be accepted. Please Note: US Postal Money Orders are NOT acceptable.

    Mail/Courier Payments to:

    Queen's University
    Office of the University Registrar (Records and Services)
    Room 125, Gordon Hall
    74 Union Street, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6


    Things to remember:

    • Include your student name and student number, so that we can post it to your SOLUS account
    • When mailing from United States or overseas, allow approximately 2-3 weeks, to ensure the payment can be posted to SOLUS by the due date
      (for more information, see Dates & Deadlines and Charges Due)
    • Do NOT postdate your cheque
    • Items returned by your financial institution - for any reason - will be subject to a $40.00 administration fee.