Parking on Queen's Campus

6 Important Points about Parking on Campus

  1. To park on parking lots on campus you need a parking permit. Permits are issued on a cycle that begins on 1 July and ends on 30 June (the "parking year")
  2. Parking spaces are at a premium - apply as soon as you have confirmed where you will be living in Kingston (an address is required for the application)
  3. You cannot get a parking permit if you live in the area in the immediate vicinity of the University extending to about a 20 minute walk from the main campus
  4. Parking spaces are not individually assigned. You may park anywhere you wish within the permit area (west campus permit or main campus permit)
  5. For fees and how to apply go to this site: Physical Plant Services - Parking (PPS)
  6. Parking regulations are strictly enforced!

For low-cost parking, please check out the shuttle service (see below).

Applying for a parking permit during a “parking year”

If you are appointed to a full-time continuing position part way through a parking year, you can be issued a temporary permit for the balance of the year, providing that there are permits available, and that you do not live in the immediate vicinity of the campus (see above). Important: you have to apply for the temporary permit as soon as you start, if you wait until the new parking year you will no longer be deemed a new employee. As a temporary permit holder, you will not have automatic renewal privileges for the next parking year, you must apply. You can ask PPS to put you on a waiting list for a permanent permit at the time you make arrangements for your temporary permit, and your request will be considered on a space available basis.

Special Needs

Persons with a disability who have a disabled permit issued by the Ministry of Transportation may be issued a parking permit regardless of their zone of residence.

Evening Parking

All Queen's parking is free after 5pm.