Commuting to Campus

Your Daily Commute 

Queen's University is committed to reducing emissions and protecting the environment. We encourage our community to consider the following methods of commuting to campus: 

Riding the Bus 

Queen's employees are eligible for discounted bus passes through Kingston Transit's Employer Transpass Program, which offer unlimited rides on regular routes and express routes throughout Kingston.

To learn more about the program, please visit this site: Queen's Transpass Program.  


Queen's is a bike-friendly campus, with more than 400 bike racks available for use. There are also secure bike storage facilities. 

To learn more, please visit this site: Cycling at Queen's.

Commuter Services

Commuter Services at Queen's provides helpful tools for you to find out how much time, money, and carbon output you might save by considering alternative transportation. You can also learn about Queen's Electric Vehicle Charging Network, Car Sharing, and additional transportation resources in this community. 

To explore all your alternative transportation options, please visit this site: Queen's Commuter Services.