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Ahmed Ismaiel

PhD Student

Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies

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Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

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Ahmed is a filmmaker, video-editor, screenwriter, producer and photographer. He started his career as assistant-director in several feature films, TV Shows and music videos, where he gained valuable experience in the Egyptian main-stream film industry. And since 2003, he has started his quest in the world of independent cinema, in which, he wrote, produced, edited and directed numerous short and full-length films that participated in a lot of international film festivals and won several awards. Although he is mostly known for his hybrid picture WAVES aka MOUG, Ahmed’s body of work encompasses many other successful fiction, experimental and documentary films. He also produced and directed quite a few commercials as well as TV documentaries for renowned TV channels. Ahmed was the co-founder and general director of Moug Films, a Cairo based production house that produced remarkable documentary films for Arab filmmakers. He holds a Master of fine arts in film & video from York University, Toronto, and a BA of arts in media & communication from Ainshams University, Cairo. His PhD proposal is a research creation project that delves into hybrid filmmaking by weaving non-fiction with myth, magic & poetry.

Website: www.ahmedismaielnour.com