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Brandon Hocura is filmmaker, writer, producer, and archivist. He is the founder and creative director of the record label and publisher Séance Centre. His research and reissue work over the last 10 years has helped revive under-known electronic, new-age, gwo ka, disco, soca, pantsula and kwaito artists. In 2017, he directed The Lake Sutra, a short film surveying the influence of the Northern Ontario environment on the work of Canadian musician Beverly Glenn-Copeland. His work intersects with experimental poetics and ethnography, and explores the complex relationships between music, landscape, language, technology and culture. His recent research areas include autonomous distribution networks, visual & sound poetry, material histories, rogue archives, living memory, archipelagic thinking, as well as popular & avant-garde music from the Caribbean and its diaspora. As part of the Vulnerable Media Lab team at Queen's University, he is engaged with audio and video preservation, and is helping to build standards and best practices for audio archiving.