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Darshana Chakrabarty

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Darshana Chakrabarty is a doctoral student in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies under Prof. Ali Na. She completed her second M.A. in English, specializing in Film and Media Studies, from Arizona State University in Spring 2021. Her research focuses on the authentic representation of LGBTQ community and their issues in Indian Parallel/Avant-garde Cinema, it’s audience reception and possible solutions for better portrayal of the community in Indian cinema. She has written multiple articles and essays for renowned journals, and book chapters published by Routledge and IGI Global. She is a reviewer of CINEJ Cinema Journal, University of Pittsburgh and is cosponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Press. Back in India, she used to be a high school teacher of English language and literature. Her research interests are Indian Parallel/ Avant-garde Cinema, Indian New Wave, Indian Cinema (Bollywood), Gender and Sexuality studies, South Asian, Cultural studies, Film Studies and Film Theories.