Michelle Bunton

Michelle Bunton

Financial Assistant

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Film and Media


Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

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Michelle Bunton is the Financial Assistant for the Department of Film and Media at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. They are also the Project and Financial Assistant for the Vulnerable Media Lab, and an Instructor at Ayatana's Biophilium: Science School for Artists. Michelle is a transdisciplinary artist and curator currently residing as an uninvited guest in Katarokwi-Kingston. 

Their previous position was as Curatorial Assistant and Co-Curator at Agnes Etherington Art Centre, where they worked on a number of residencies and exhibitions, including Drift: Art and Dark Matter and Shelby Lisk: Shé:kon se’onhwentsyà:ke ratinékere tsi nihá:ti nè:ne yesanorónhkhwa (there are still people in the world that love you).

As an artist, Michelle prioritizes femi-queer science, SF (speculative fabulation/science fiction) and diffractive pedagogies, aiming to embody a collaborative praxis that centers queer kinship. Recent work turns to slime mold/lichen/fungi and their attendant characteristics of collective action, decentralized organization and abject recomposition of matter as models for queer worldmaking.