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This information has been provided for students, families and staff members as required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act that was enacted on August 14, 2008.

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Distance Studies:

U.S. students enrolled in distance education programs, telecommunications courses, correspondence courses, or diploma and certificate programs offered by foreign postsecondary schools are not eligible for U.S. Federal loan funding. U.S. law (20 U.S.C. §1088(b)) provides the parameters for U.S. federal student aid eligibility for distance learning programs offered by U.S. postsecondary schools. Within this statute, foreign schools are expressly prohibited, and as such, a U.S. student attending any distance learning program offered by a foreign school is ineligible for US federal student aid programs.

Exchanges - US Students:

While on official exchange from Queen’s University you are considered to be a full-time Queen’s University student and you will be paying your tuition to Queen’s University. Be advised that regulations by the U.S. Department of Education states that you only be eligible to receive federal U.S. Direct Loans only if attending an eligible Title IV school that participates in the federal U.S. Direct Loan program, and the school must be located outside of the U.S.  

You can search for a school on the FAFSA website, choosing the Foreign Country option.

Students participating in a Study Abroad Program are NOT eligible to receive federal subsidized/unsubsidized/PLUS through Queen’s University. You will be paying your tuition fees to the other school (abroad). You must therefore make arrangements with the school they are attending for financial aid. Queen’s University does NOT participate in consortium agreements for Federal student aid. For more information contact the Student Awards Office by email

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US Direct Loans

  • The Guide To Federal Student Aid
  • National Student Loan Data System

    Your Federal student loan history may be reviewed through the National Student Loan Data System website or by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243 or 319-337-5665). You may access your loan records by clicking on the Financial Aid Review link on the site's home page. Upon selection of any loan from the main list, the Detail Loan Information page displays. This page lists the current Servicer / Lender / Guaranty Agency contact information for the loan. For a FFEL purchased loan, the "Contact" column provides information on the servicer that will be working with you, the borrower. Review your loan history carefully, you may have loans with different servicers. You will find contact information for the Federal Student Aid Loan Servicers online.

  • Entrance Counselling

    All first time borrowers must complete an Entrance Counselling session before their loan can be disbursed. Entrance Counselling can be completed online. We strongly recommend that you also complete Financial Awareness Counselling found on the same website.

  • Exit Counselling

    All students who cease to be enrolled at least half time at Queen’s University must complete an online Exit Counselling session.

    Exit Counselling Guide (PDF, 402 KB)

Private Educational Loans

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Vaccinations Policy - Queen's University does not have a vaccinations policy

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