Agnes Etherington Art Centre Advisory Board

Agnes Etherington Art Centre is a public, university-affiliated art museum that is owned and governed by Queen's University, under a mandate to advance the academic mission of the University and, at the same time, serves as a public gallery for southeastern Ontario and beyond. 
Acting within Queen’s University’s policies and fulfilling the condition of Agnes’s operating funding from the public sector, the Advisory Board is a consultative body that provides informed advice and support to the Director of Agnes on such matters as funding, programming, policies and collection development, and on the gallery’s impact and profile. It contributes the perspectives of constituencies served by Agnes, including the academic and wider artistic communities regionally, nationally and internationally. The Advisory Board offers insights and serves as a sounding board that supports and sustains: the Director’s artistic and administrative vision of Agnes; the awareness of the changing artistic and socio-economic contexts in which Agnes operates; Agnes’s capacity to fulfill its mission and mandate; and the vibrancy and relevance of Agnes’s work as a leading art museum and locus of visual culture. 
Appointed Members (7-12) comprise artists and other arts professionals (consultants, curators, educators, collectors, gallerists, arts administrators), faculty members and deans (from Queen’s University and other Canadian universities), active Agnes gallery members, as well as other non-arts professionals, including but not limited to: legal practitioners, fundraisers and philanthropists so long as they have a vested interest in the arts and cultural sector.
Ex-Officio (non-voting) Members

  1. A member of the Board of Trustees of Queen’s University or delegate 
  2. Mayor of the City of Kingston or delegate 
  3. President of the Kingston Arts Council or delegate 
  4. Head of the Department of Art History and Art Conservation or delegate 
  5. Provost of Queen’s University or delegate 
  6. Senior Staff member, Agnes (as appointed by Director of Agnes) 
  7. Senior Development Officer, Arts 

The Mayor of the City of Kingston may delegate the President of Kingston Arts Council or their delegate. If this is done, the single delegate satisfies both ex-officio positions on the Advisory Board. 

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Past-Chair

Trustee appointed by the Board to 2024: N. Evans