Appointment of Heads of Clinical/Academic Departments

Approved by Senate March 26, 2009

The School of Medicine within the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen's University and the Principal Teaching Hospitals (the Hospitals) work in a closely integrated and cooperative manner to advance the missions of education, research and patient-care. One essential element of this arrangement is the joint appointment of highly qualified individuals to serve simultaneously as the Head of the University academic department and also as the Head of the respective Clinical department of the Hospitals. To ensure that the selection and appointment process for heads is in keeping with the spirit of close collaboration among the institutions, while recognizing the authority of each institution, it is proposed that the following be adopted:

  1. Appointment Process

    The appointment of a Department Head and Head of a Clinical Department ( the Head) will be governed by the Parties' internal policies and procedures and will respect and observe the principles of employment equity. The Parties support the general principle of equity between the Hospitals and the University in the appointment process.

  2. Search Committee

    At least 9 months before the end of the incumbent Head's term or as soon as is feasible should the position become vacant, a Search Committee will be established to recommend a Head comprised of:

    • The Chief of Staff ( or delegate) of each participating* Hospital
    • One representative of each participating Hospital selected by its Board
    • One member selected by the Department in question
    • One Head of a Clinical Department , selected by the Chiefs of Staff of the participating Hospitals and the Dean
    • The Dean of the Faculty (or Vice-Dean)
    • Two members of the Faculty, one of whom shall be from the Department in question, appointed by the Dean
    • Two learners, one of whom shall be enrolled in a graduate, or post-graduate medical program, to be selected by the respective groups.

    The Search Committee shall be co-chaired by a Chief of Staff selected by the participating Hospitals and the Dean ( or Vice-Dean).

    Administrative support for the Search Committee will be provided by the University, Faculty of Health Sciences. The other costs associated with the search process, including advertising, candidates' travel and accommodation costs and costs associated with any search firm, will be shared among the University and the participating Hospitals according to a cost sharing formula to be agreed upon and described in a memorandum of understanding.

  3. Announcement of Search Committee

    The membership of the Search Committee will be published in the Queen's Gazette and the appropriate Hospital circulars. A copy of the Gazette announcement will be sent to other Department Heads and decanal appointees within the Faculty of Health Sciences. The announcement will include requests asking interested parties to provide written comment upon the current state and future prospects of the Department concerned and suggestions of possible candidates for the position. Further, the Co-Chairs of the Committee will write to members of the affected department asking for their comments on the same matters and suggestions as referred to above.

  4. Search Committee Process

    The Hospitals and the School of Medicine will provide the Search Committee with a role description and an accountability framework for the Head.

    Short listed candidates will be required to identify their clinical and academic needs and requirements, which will be reviewed by the participating Hospitals and the University as an essential part of the search and selection process.

    The Search Committee's deliberations shall include a review of the current state and future prospects of the Department and consultations with the CEOs of the participating Hospitals, via the Chiefs of Staff, and may include an external review.

  5. Recommendation

    Prior to making a report and a final, formal recommendation, the Co-Chairs of the Search Committee will advise the participating Hospitals and the University of the preferred candidate. The Hospitals and the University, through their representatives, will engage in a coordinated process of negotiating an agreement with said candidate and resolving satisfactorily all issues related to the funding or resource needs of the candidate. Once those matters are resolved, the Co-Chairs will bring forward a recommendation to the Boards, through the CEOs, and to the Principal, through the Vice-Principal (Academic), simultaneously for confirmation.

  6. Term of Appointment and Reappointment

    Usually, the term of the appointment shall be for an initial term of five years, subject to an annual performance evaluation described in 8(d) of Schedule A of the Hospital Affiliation Agreement, to end on June 30. The appointment may be renewed following a full or modified review process, to be agreed upon by the participating Hospitals and the University.

  7. Appointment of Head

    Each institution will make the appointment according to its usual procedures.

* a participating Hospital is one in which the clinical discipline in question is active

March 17, 2009