Characteristics of an Honours Degree Program and Criteria for use of the "Honours" Designation

Approved by Senate March 28, 1996

  1. Program Requirement

    A four-year curriculum which is distinct from and more academically demanding than a non-honours (general) degree program.

  2. Progression Requirements

    An academic verification process for progression, with eligibility based on completion of a certain number and range of courses and achievement of a certain academic standing.

  3. Alternative for Students who Fail to Meet the Progression Requirements

    A statement about the alternative for students who fail to meet the progression requirements.

  4. Standing Required for Graduation

    Achievement of a particular overall standing.

  5. Alternative for Students Who Fail to Meet the Standing Required for Graduation

    A statement about the alternative for students who do not achieve the minimum academic standing required for graduation.

  6. Benchmarks

    Identification of internal and external benchmarks which demonstrate the appropriateness of using the honours designation for the program in question.