Principal Emeritus Protocol

Resolution 04-63 of the Board of Trustees

December 3, 2004

WHEREAS the Board of Trustees, by resolution dated December 7, 1957, established the honorary designation “Professor Emeritus”, as of right upon the retirement of all faculty in good standing with the rank of full Professor;

AND WHEREAS the Board of Trustees wishes to establish a policy and procedure for the consideration of nominees concerning the honorary designation of “Principal Emeritus”;

BE IT RESOLVED as follows:

  1. The designation “Principal Emeritus” shall solely be an honorary designation.

  2. The designation “Principal Emeritus” shall solely be considered and conferred in the absolute and unfettered discretion of the Board of Trustees, and shall not otherwise be conferred.

  3. The Board of Trustees hereby delegates to the Nominating Committee of the Board of Trustees the mandate and authority to consider and submit to the Board of Trustees recommendations concerning the conferring of the honorary designation “Principal Emeritus”.

  4. The Nominating Committee is hereby requested to consider, as the Nominating Committee may deem reasonable and appropriate in the deliberation of such mandate and authority, the merits and candidacy of any retiring Principals of Queen’s University.

  5. In the event that the Nominating Committee recommends to the Board of Trustees that conferring the honorary designation “Principal Emeritus” is appropriate in the circumstances, the Chair of the Nominating Committee will convey such recommendation on behalf of the Nominating Committee to the Chair of the Board of Trustees for consideration by the Board of Trustees.

  6. The Nominating Committee shall not attach any conditions or other restrictions on any such recommendation, with all further matters concerning Board of Trustee deliberations, the timing of the conference, and all other aspects of such designation to be determined by the Board of Trustees.