Statement on the Freedom to Read at Queen's University

Approved April, 1979
Amended February 1991*

Universities are interested in universal knowledge, including all religious, philosophical and political viewpoints, in all languages and cultures.

Accordingly, Queen's University endorses the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms*, which includes, along with the right to express thoughts publicly, the fundamental right of access of every person to all expressions of knowledge. The intellectual freedom fostered and protected by the enshrinement of these rights is basic to the proper functioning of the University and to the healthy development of Canadian society of which it is a part.

While Queen's University supports the principles of intellectual freedom as they are pertinent to ALL of its activities, the University regards these principles as having important particular relevance in relation to the various libraries and bookstores on campus. This University believes that the freedom to read is as essential to the democratic way of life as are freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and will resist by moral suasion and if necessary by due process of law all attempts to suppress or restrict the availability of particular books or periodicals on this campus because of a viewpoint they present.