Statement on Special Appointees

Approved January 24, 1991

According to the Regulations Governing Appointment, Renewal of Appointment, Tenure and Termination for Academic Staff (Queen's Gazette, Supplement to Volume XI, Number 46, November 20, 1979), a "special appointee" means a person holding an appointment funded entirely or significantly on a continuing basis from sources other than the Ministry of Colleges and Universities operating grants and tuition fees, or an appointment the renewal of which is conditional upon obtaining significant funding on a continuing basis from sources other than the above. An "appointment" means an appointment to the academic staff as professor, associate professor, assistant professor or lecturer. According to these definitions, the individuals under discussion in this report hold academic rank and should not be confused with post-doctoral fellows not holding academic rank.

Procedures for Special Appointees

  1. that letters of appointment to special appointees contain a clear statement as to the nature of the appointment with respect to renewability, eligibility for tenure, and rank; and that all letters of appointment state that special appointees are eligible to compete for any renewable appointment that may become available.

  2. that current university practices with respect to eligibility for start-up funds for research, fringe benefits, travel allocation, and professional allowance for appointees in general be continued for special appointees.

  3. that all special appointees with academic rank be reviewed annually, using criteria appropriate to their terms of appointment.

  4. that current University salary practices for appointees in general (taking into account merit, scale, and other increments) be continued for special appointees, and that any deficit in meeting the increase from the funding agency be covered by the University.

  5. that not later than the beginning of the final year of the special appointment, the department head inform the appointee in writing of the prospects for continued employment in the department.

  6. that, in exceptional circumstances, the department head may request, through the Dean, that advertising for a renewable appointment be dispensed with, pursuant to Section IV(2) - Academic Appointment Procedures, of the Regulations Governing Appointment, etc.

  7. that credit for prior service be settled at the time of the agreement on a renewable appointment.