Vacation Entitlement

Approved by Senate April 28, 1983

Approved by the Board of Trustees May 13, 1983


The University recognizes the importance that vacations play in the lives of the academic staff. Clearly, all academic staff should be encouraged to take annual vacations. However, no clear policy has been articulated respecting vacation entitlement to date and it is considered that some confusion may exist over the policy relating to vacations. The Senate Committee on Appointment, Promotion, Tenure and Leave now proposes the adoption of the statement which follows. At a later date, the Committee intends to recommend that the statement be added to the document "The University Appointment: Freedom and Responsibility" (approved by Senate and the Board of Trustees in 1972).

A. Resignation

  1. any tenured member of the academic staff may terminate an appointment by giving reasonable notice which should, if possible, be not less than six months

  2. any member of the academic staff on a renewable or renewed appointment who does not intend to accept a renewed or tenured appointment will be expected to inform the University as soon as possible and at least three months before the expiry of the current appointment

  3. any member of the academic staff will be expected to have exercised all vacation entitlements(s) prior to the actual date of termination.

B. Annual Vacations for Continuing Academic Staff

All vacations with pay are taken during the calendar year at a time mutually convenient to the staff member and the department head or, in non-departmentalized faculties, the dean. In the case of university officers, vacations are taken at a time agreed with their immediate superior.

C. Vacation Entitlement

A member of the academic staff is entitled to one month's paid vacation. This entitlement is increased to five weeks after twenty years of service. Normally vacations may not be carried from one year to another and should be taken before the end of the calendar year. However, in certain special situations and with prior approval of the department head, vacations may be allowed to carry over. If a staff member has had a leave of absence for reasons other than illness for a substantial portion of the 12 month period preceding July 1 the vacation granted may, according to the merits of the case, be prorated for the period or periods actually worked.