Meeting of the Senate

Wednesday 20 May 2009, 9:30 a.m.
Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 202

  1. Opening Session

    1. Adoption of Agenda
    2. Adoption of the Minutes of the Meeting of 23 April 2009 (PDF*, 360 KB) (Appendix A, page 1)
    3. Business Arising from the Minutes
    4. Chair's Report
    5. Other Reports
      1. [Information]
        Research Report (PDF*, 511 KB) (Appendix B, page 8)
      2. [Information]
        Board of Trustees Meeting, May 2, 2009 (PDF*, 233 KB) (Appendix C, page 16)
      3. [Information]
        Presentation by Senator Deane, Vice-Principal (Academic) on “Contexts and Imperatives for Reviewing the Curriculum – A Discussion Paper”
  2. Question Period (Appendix D, page 17)

    1. From Senator Christie (PDF*, 278 KB), QUFA President, requesting a written report of the University Solicitor’s opinion about the role of the Deans and Senate. Oral response to be provided by Principal Williams.
    2. From Senator Christie, QUFA President, regarding the Board of Trustees and changes to the governing structure of Queen’s University. Oral response to be provided by Principal Williams.
  3. Reports of Committees

    1. Academic Development (Appendix E, page 18)
      1. [Action]
        Proposed change to Degree Name Designation: Master of Applied Science in the Faculty of Applied Science (PDF*, 377 KB)
      2. [Action]
        Proposal to introduce QBridge: Proposed Queen’s University English Bridging Program(PDF*, 406 KB)
      3. [Action]
        Governing Framework of the School of Graduate Studies (PDF*, 397 KB)
      4. [Information]
        Motions from Senators Rouget and J. Welsh – Oral report from Senator Deane, Vice-Principal (Academic) [Original referral can be found as Appendix N, page 143 of the April 23, 2009 Agenda
    2. Academic Development & Budget Review (Appendix F, page 51)
      1. [Action]
        Proposal to introduce a Collaborative Program in Biomedical Engineering in the School of Graduate Studies and Research (PDF*, 1,227 KB)
    3. Academic Procedures (Appendix G, page 66)
      1. [Action]
        Official Credit Unit Weighting and Grading at Queen’s University (PDF*, 233 KB)
      2. [Information]
        Reading Week 2010 (PDF*, 250 KB)
      3. [Information]
        Syllabus Bank (PDF*, 251 KB)
    4. Agenda (Appendix H, page 72)
      1. [Action]
        Amendment to 2009-2010 Meeting Dates (PDF*, 230 KB)
    5. Budget Review (Appendix I, page 73)
      1. [Information]
        Annual Report 2008-2009 (PDF*, 305 KB)
    6. Library (Appendix J, page 76)
      1. [Information]
        Annual Report (PDF*, 425 KB)
    7. Nominating (Appendix K, page 80)
      1. [Action]
        Election (PDF*, 230 KB)
  4. Reports of Faculties and Affiliated Colleges

    None Received

  5. Motions

    None Received

  6. Communications (Appendix L, page 81)

    1. [Information]
      New Senators 2009-2010 (PDF*, 223 KB)
  7. Matters Referred to Standing Committees (Appendix M, page 82)

    1. Proposed Amendments to the Centre for Neuroscience Studies Constitution (PDF*, 260 KB) [Referred to the Senate Advisory Research Committee (SARC)]
  8. Other Business

    None Received

  9. Closed Session – CONFIDENTIAL ( * * Appendix N, page 84)

    1. [Action]
      Report of the Honorary Degrees Committee


G. Moore
Secretary of the Senate

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