Internal Academic Review Committee

Report on the Review of the Languages Departments and the Language and Linguistics Concentration

This review encompassed the Departments of French Studies, German Language & Literature, Spanish & Italian Languages & Literatures, and the special field concentration in Language and Linguistics. Both the Review Team and the External Consultants provided positive feedback for these units, noting that they were all demonstrating excellent teaching and research with very limited resources. This was one of the more favourable internal academic reviews to date, and the departments are to be commended on their outstanding graduate, undergraduate, and research programs.

A number of helpful recommendations were offered, several of which have already been addressed, as noted in the Dean's response. The Dean assured continued support for the departments to operate as independent units and indicated that three new positions have been released: one in each of German, Spanish & Italian, and Language & Linguistics. This action is consistent with earlier commitments and with the recommendations and observations of the Review Team and External Consultants.

The Internal Academic Review Committee noted two recommendations that were not fully addressed. The first pertained to the limited support staff complement and the sizeable workload carried by staff, while the second concerned funding for the French Centre and a recommendation that the Centre's workings and management be reviewed. These issues require consideration.

The Committee is pleased to endorse the positive outcome of the review undertaken by the External Consultants and the Review Team. Follow-up on recommendations will occur as part of the annual staffing and budget strategy meetings between the Dean and the Vice-Principal (Academic).

January 5, 1999