Duties of the Chair of a Senate Committee

It is the responsibility of the Chair, with the assistance of the Secretary to:

  • establish an action plan for the committee;

  • develop the agenda;

  • call meetings;

  • consult with the committee concerning whether meetings will be open or closed;

  • decide whether observer status will be granted to those seeking it;

  • determine if guests will be invited;

  • prepare and present reports to Senate.

Please refer to the following for more details:

It is the responsibility of the Chair to make clear to both observers and elected members that only elected and ex officio members are counted for quorum, and that observers are not expected to participate extensively in the committee's discussions, unless their opinion is expressly invited on an issue. For more information please refer to the policy:

There may be other aspects on which the Chair will be required to rule in order to ensure the effective functioning of the committee. In addition to the general rules of procedure, the Chair should make particular note of the rules which govern confidentiality and ensure that, at the beginning of the year, an agreement is established among the members of the committee about the extent to which the committee's deliberations should be kept confidential.

During policy development, Senate Committees should consult as widely as possible with the university community. Advice on methods to solicit comment is available by contacting senate@queensu.ca