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Department of History
  • Indigenous peoples
  • the Métis
  • New France
  • the Fur Trade
  • the Hudson’s Bay Company
Department of History
  • North American Cultural and Intellectual History
  • Canadian-American Relations
  • Cultural Studies, Cultural Policy
Department of History
  • Québec/French Canada/Acadia
  • North American Popular Culture
  • Commemoration/memory/historiography
  • Festivals and festivities
  • Media Culture
  • Material Culture
Department of History
  • Ethnohistory of colonial
  • Early national America
Department of History
Chair, Department of History
  • Global History
  • British Caribbean
  • British Colonial History 19th-20th centuries
  • Diasporas
  • Atlantic History
  • Archaeology of Slavery and Plantation Labour
  • Indian Ocean World
Dr. Jeffrey Collins
Department of History
  • history of political thought
  • Thomas Hobbes
  • John Locke
  • the English Revolution
  • liberalism
  • the history of Christianity
  • toleration and religious freedom
  • constitutionalism
  • monarchy
Department of History
Chair of Undergraduate Studies
  • 19th-century United States
Department of History
Department of Classics
  • Italian Renaissance
  • Intellectual/Cultural/Social History of Early Modern Europe
  • Classical tradition
  • Latin (Classical and Renaissance)
Department of History
  • Britain and the World
  • 18th-20th centuries
  • Intellectual, legal and cultural histories
  • Colonial history
Department of History
  • Canadian-Cuban cultural relations
  • Canadian-Global South histories
  • Transnational Canadian history
  • Gender and Sexuality
Department of History
  • historical aspects of military, veteran and family health
  • human behaviour in war
  • military leadership and command
  • air warfare
Department of History
  • Africa, especially southern
  • gender and sexuality
  • environment
  • human rights
  • development, especially urban and public health
Department of History
  • History of Colonial North America, Women's/Gender History
  • Social History of British North America
  • History of Migration in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Department of History
Department of Classics
  • Byzantine popular religion
  • Byzantine history
  • Crusades
Department of History
  • African American history
  • U.S. Women and Gender
Department of History
  • Modern China
  • East Asia
  • Environmental history of modern agriculture
Department of History

Medieval Mediterranean and Islamic World

Department of History
  • Russian and Soviet History
  • Modern Europe
Department of History
  • Canadian Social History
  • History of Sexuality
Department of History
Chair of Graduate Studies

19th-Century Canada; intellectual and legal history 

Department of History
  • Black Atlantic Studies
  • Cultural, Global, and Intellectual History (19th-21st centuries)
  • Diaspora and Decolonial Studies
  • Migration and Multiculturalism in Canada (20th-21st centuries)
  • Public Humanities and Public History
Department of History
Co-Convener, Global History Initiative
  • Colonial and Postcolonial India, British Empire, Postcolonial Theory and Global History
  • Race, Gender and Sexuality
  • History of Science and Medicine
  • History of Childhood, Youth and Age
Department of History
  • South America in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • urban social history
  • middle classes
  • law and society
Department of History
  • 20th century Canada
  • social policy
  • the welfare state
  • child care
  • women and gender
  • taxation
Department of History
  • Russian and East European History
Department of History
  • Modern Europe (France)
  • comparative public policy
  • welfare state
  • history of globalization 
Department of History
Fellow, Royal Society of Canada
  • Colonial Latin America
  • Iberian Atlantic World
  • Early Modern Global
  • Indigenous Slavery
Department of History
Principal Emeritus

Historiography; History and Theory of Historical Thought and Writing; Early Modern British History

Department of History, Queen's University

49 Bader Lane, Watson Hall 212
Kingston ON K7L 3N6




Queen's University is situated on traditional Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory.