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Student Awards

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Automatic Awards Open to All Upper Year Students

The following awards have been made available thanks to the generosity of Queen's donors.    

Students currently registered at Queen's will be automatically considered for the following awards. Most of these awards are based on academics.

Senator Frank Carrel Upper Year Scholarships

The Senator Frank Carrel Scholarships have been established at Queen's University through the generosity of the late Senator Frank Carrel, noted publisher, executive and author who represented the Gulf Division in the Legislative Council of the Province of Quebec for many years prior to his death in 1940. Candidates for Carrel Scholarships must for at least one year prior to their application for admission to Queen's University (or for at least one year prior to 30 April if enrolled in an upper year) have been and remain until the expiry of their scholarship domiciled in the Province of Quebec and as far as possible in the City or County of Quebec or in the Gulf Region of the Legislative Council of Quebec as constituted at 30 July, 1940, (including Rimouski, Bonaventure, Gaspe-est, Gaste-ouest and Iles de la Madeleine). Several scholarships are awarded annually for general proficiency in the work of the previous year. All eligible candidates will be considered automatically.

The Certificate in Business Scholarship

Established in June 2017 by the Smith School of Business. Awarded on the basis of academic excellence and involvement in extra-curricular activities to students entering the Certificate in Business program in the Smith School of Business. Preference may be given to Canadian Olympic Team Athletes. Selection will be made by the Awards Committee of the Certificate in Business program in the Smith School of Business.

Lilian Coleman Taylor Prize

Awarded annually to the outstanding woman student from Leeds County registered in any faculty of Queen's University.

Clifford Crawley Music Composition Scholarship

Established in September 2016 by Dr. Beverley Diamond and her family in memory of Professor Emeritus Clifford Crawley, a respected scholar, composer, and professor of composition and music education at Queen's University from 1973 to 1993. Awarded in even numbered years on the recommendation of the Dan School of Drama and Music to students in any undergraduate year of any Faculty or School at Queen's University who have completed one or more courses in music composition, who demonstrate exceptional ability and achievement in composition. Compositions or improvisations may be in any genre of music and may be captured in print, digital, or other AV media.

F. M. Gauchie Award

Awarded on the recommendation of the manager of the Campus Bookstore in consultation with the Chairman of the Fund Management Committee, to the student who, in their opinion, has made the most significant contribution during that year to the Campus Bookstore's ability to serve the campus.

Stewart Langdon Memorial Award

Established in memory of Stewart Langdon, athletic trainer at Queen's University from 1945-1966, by his friends and associates. Awarded annually upon the recommendation of the University Council on Athletics to a student in any faculty who has completed at least one year at Queen's with satisfactory academic standing and who has made a special contribution to athletic training at Queen's or who has demonstrated specific plans to continue study in the field of athletic training.


A medal is awarded annually by the University to the graduating candidate who has demonstrated academic excellence in an honours degree, and who is deemed by a Department to have achieved the highest standing in a Plan offered by that Department. Normally, a Department may nominate only one candidate for a medal.

Hendrik Onstein Bursary

Established in October 2020 by the Estate of Sandra Rose Onstein, BA 1979, in memory of her husband, Hendrik Onstein, BA 1969. Awarded to students entering second year of any undergraduate degree program. Awarded to graduates of Napanee District Secondary School who attain a grade of B or greater in a first year English course offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science. Selection will be made by the Awards Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Ottawa Ladies' College Excellence Scholarship

Ottawa Ladies' College was incorporated by Statute of the Province of Ontario in 1869 at the request of the citizens of Ottawa 'for the purpose of establishing and conducting a seminary of learning of a collegiate character for the education of female youth'. Its first president was E.B. Eddy, and secretary, the Reverend William Moore. Its building was expropriated for war purposes in 1942 and it then ceased to function for the specific purpose for which it was incorporated. In order that it might use its assets for wider educational purposes its Act of Incorporation was amended in 1948 and it has now transferred its funds in trust to Carleton University, Ottawa, and Queen's University at Kingston. Five scholarships are awarded each year on the basis of general proficiency to undergraduate lady students from the Ottawa secondary schools, without restriction to year of attendance at Queen's.

Ottawa Women's Canadian Club Scholarship

Awarded annually at the end of the third year to a student who will enter the fourth year of an undergraduate program and who has taken at least five courses of substantial Canadian content during the first three years.

Prince of Wales Prizes

Established by the Prince of Wales in the 1860's and awarded to the two students graduating with honours B.A. and honours B.Sc. degrees respectively, who are judged to have the best academic records at Queen's. The runners-up in each program are also recognized; scrolls.