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FAQs - Exchange and BISC

Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Exchange Cancellations

I received a need based exchange award for the 2020-21 academic year. What will happen if I cancel my exchange term or my exchange term has been cancelled?

The assessment of need on your 2021-22 Queen’s Exchange Study Bursary application was assessed based on the standard costs associated with fall term at Queen’s and winter term on Exchange.

As per your award notification, if you are no longer participating in an exchange term the exchange award will be removed from your SOLUS account and you may apply for 2021-22 Queen’s General Bursary to determine if you qualify for bursary assistance for this academic year, based on standard costs associated with two terms of study at the Queen’s. Please note that expenses used in the assessment of financial need for Exchange bursaries are higher and you may not be eligible for the same level of general bursary assistance granted for a term on exchange. The General Bursary application is available in the ‘Finances’ section of your SOLUS Student Centre.

Need based exchange awards cannot be deferred. Students considering exchange for the 2022-22 academic year will be required to re-apply on the 2022-23 Queen's Exchange Study Bursary application. The 2021-22 Exchange Study Bursary application will be available late November 2021.

Exchange Questions

How will I be notified of my exchange bursary decision?
Students will be informed of the bursary decision using their @Queen’s email address at the time they are offered an exchange program by their faculty. Late applications will be assessed within 2-3 weeks.
Are there any other specific bursaries that I might be eligible for other than the exchange bursary?
There are some specific exchange bursaries that you will be considered for using the exchange bursary application. There are only some specific bursaries that require additional documentation and that is listed on the exchange bursary application. You should note that if you do not qualify for any of the specific awards your application will automatically be considered for an Exchange Study Bursary.
What if I need some of the exchange bursary sooner than August to pay for travel and misc. costs associated with the exchange?
It is expected that students must make the decision to take part in the exchange program knowing they will incur additional expenses to do so. Therefore, students should have additional resources available to them in order to pay for upfront costs such as flight, deposits, etc.
I have not accessed government student financial assistance up until this point but I plan to for my year on exchange. What should I do?

At the time of assessing student exchange bursary applications, which is generally before the academic year a student goes on exchange; students are not yet able to apply for student government assistance. It is difficult to determine the amount of student government assistance students will likely receive, so the current government student loan entitlement is taken into account.

If you do apply for student government assistance for your exchange year, you have options. You can contact us at once you have your government student loan entitlement for the next academic year (generally in late summer or September) and the Student Awards Office will reassess your exchange bursary application at that time.

No. Students who are participating in a Study Abroad on a Letter of Permission are not eligible to hold scholarships, defer scholarships, or apply for bursary assistance for the period they are studying at another institution. Students are not normally eligible to receive funding from the visiting institution. However, students participating in a Queen's Bilateral Formal Exchange are eligible to hold scholarships and apply for bursary assistance for the period of their formal exchange.

BISC Questions

Yes. Apply for government student financial assistance through your home province selecting Queen's University as your post-secondary institution. Arrangements must be put in place well in advance of your departure. Please contact the Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards) for further information.
The renewable scholarship is retained if you are participating in a formal, bilateral Queen's exchange or if you are studying at the BISC.


If studying at the BISC the renewal average will be calculated on your average achieved while at the BISC .


If studying on exchange for a full year (Fall and Winter) you must successfully complete the equivalent of a Queen's full-time course load.


If studying on exchange for one term (e.g. Fall or Winter) your renewal will be based on successfully completing the equivalent of a Queen's full-time course-load in that term plus achieving the required average during the term of study at Queen's.