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Exam FAQs

This section contains frequently asked questions regarding the process of exams at Queen's.

Please note: You must have a Queen’s Student Photo ID Card to gain entrance to an exam room.  YOU MUST BRING YOUR QUEEN'S STUDENT PHOTO ID TO ALL OF YOUR EXAMS.  Students writing an exam without a Queen's Student Photo ID will be assessed a fine of $50.00 per exam.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic - Current Service

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is here to provide service to you.

We continue to offer online and remote service delivery to help reduce the global spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Our commitment to provide support to you remains our priority during this time and our core operations will continue.  As many staff within the OUR are working remotely, we would ask that your inquiries be directed as follows:

Please continue to monitor the Queen’s University’s COVID-19 webpage ( for the most up to date information.

Where is the Exam schedule posted?
The Fall 2021 Exam Schedule is now posted to the SOLUS Student Centre.

Students can view their exam schedule in the SOLUS Student Centre. It contains both the times and on-campus locations of each exam session. Instructions can be found on the Exam Timetable page.


Faculty can see their exam schedules in the Faculty Centre through PeopleSoft. Instructions can be found on the Exam Timetable page

Administrative Staff:

Administrative staff should refer to the final exam timetable sent by email from the Exams Office.

What are the COVID-19 Exam Protocols?
The COVID-19 Exam Protocols are located on the Exam Regulations webpage.
What are the exam regulations?

      ** Please also visit our Exam Regulations Page for more information**

  1. If a student does not have a Queen's Student Photo ID Card at an exam, the procedure as outlined on our Exam Regulations page (under 'Missing Queen's Student Photo ID') will apply.
  2. Any candidate arriving at an exam hall after the beginning of the exam will receive only the remaining time in which to write the exam. The late candidate's paper will be marked only at the discretion of the Faculty.
  3. No candidate will be allowed to leave the exam hall within thirty minutes of the start time of the exam.
  4. No paper may be detached from an exam book. A candidate may not take an examination book or any part of an exam book or scrap paper that is given by the Proctor from the exam hall.
  5. Candidates who have not left their exam table prior to the final fifteen minutes of the exam will be required to remain at their exam table until dismissed by the Chief Proctor.
  6. Students must submit information about illness or other circumstances affecting their work to the relevant Faculty within twenty-four hours of the exam in the course concerned.

Failure to comply with the regulations listed above or with the instructions of an exam proctor may result in a written report by the Chief Proctor which will be distributed to the instructor of the course, the Dean of the relevant Faculty, and the Exams Office.

Exam Regulations Revised: 27 March 2006

What is / is not allowed during an exam?

**Please note: You must have a Queen’s Student Photo ID Card to gain entrance to an exam room. YOU MUST BRING YOUR QUEEN'S STUDENT PHOTO ID TO ALL OF YOUR EXAMS. Students writing an exam without a Queen's Student Photo ID will be assessed a fine of $50.00 per exam.**

1. No articles such as textbooks, notes, books of tables, data sheets, graphs, paper, written material, calculators, etc., may be taken into the exam hall unless authorized by the instructor in writing at least 3 days before the exam.

2. Food and recording or playback devices are not permitted in an exam hall.

  • Food may be consumed in the hallway. Please notify a proctor to be escorted to the hallway if you need to eat.
  • Beverages are permitted in an exam venue, provided the drink is brought in a re-sealable container (items such as cans and/or disposable coffee cups are prohibited).

3. The use of communication and electronic devices with memory and/or audio capabilities and/or web access is prohibited during an examination. All electronic devices must be turned off and placed underneath the candidate’s seat and must not be used for any reason.

4. Students should bring only essential items to the exam: student card, writing utensils, authorized aids for that exam.

  • If a calculator is an approved aid, the only permitted calculator is the Casio 991. For Commerce exams only, students may use calculators that have the approved blue Commerce sticker.

5. All bags, including Queen’s red bags, handbags, purses and backpacks are not permitted in an exam room, and must be left in the hallway at your own risk. The University assumes no responsibility for personal property lost in or near an examination.

6. Coats are permitted into the exam hall as follows:

  • Students may wear their coats into the exam room, and they may be placed on the back of the chair.
  • If for any reason the coat impedes traffic in the aisle behind the chair, students will be required to adjust the placement of the coat to ensure safety standards are met.
  • Proctors may advise students of impediments, and students are to follow the direction of the proctors regarding coat placement.
What if a student misses an exam?

If a student misses an exam, they must contact their instructor for options.

What if I am sick on exam day?

It is recommended that students who are ill on the day of an examination not write the examination.  Such students should seek health services, if needed, and follow-up with their home Faculty/School. 

Students who experience an unexpected illness during an examination must notify a proctor prior to leaving so the students’ home Faculty/School can be informed of the event with an incident report. When students leave an examination without notifying a proctor of an unexpected illness, it will be assumed that they completed the exam. 

What do I need to do if I require accommodation as approved through Student Wellness Services?
How do I contact the Student Wellness Centre?
When do I apply for accommodations?
  • Mid-year and final exam (April, December, Summer) accommodations are automatically applied and details will be sent to your Queen’s email by the last day of class.
  • For exams during the term (i.e., quizzes, tests and midterms) submit your accommodation requests to EAS no later than 10 days prior to the exam date, and preferably by the end of September and January.
    • NOTE: the Exams Office only administers accommodated exams for students requiring use of a computer, a private room, or 45 minutes or more of extra time per 1-hour exam. All other exam accommodations are administered by your Faculty Office and/or instructor.
What if I need to cancel an accommodation?
  • If you do not require an accommodation that you have requested, you must email and include your name, student number, and the exam details for the accommodated exam you wish to cancel (course code, section, date and time of the exam). For each late cancellation (less than 24 hours) and/or failure to appear, you will be subject to a charge of $45.
  • You should notify your instructor, however, that does not suffice as notification to the Exams Office. You are solely responsible for making the cancellation to the Exams Office.
What if I have an exam conflict?

The exams office makes accommodations for students who have an academic conflict as a result of exam scheduling. Please visit for more details.

An academic conflict is:

  • Two exams at the same time
  • 3 in a row (includes one 9 am, one 2 pm, and one 7 pm exam slot, in 24 hours)
  • We do not make any accommodation for non-academic conflict (ie sporting events, wish to return home earlier).
  • Any requests for a student to write at a different day and/or time than the scheduled exams will be directed to the course instructor and/or Faculty Office for approval AND administration.
What if I have a personal conflict during the exam period?

Students should avoid making personal plans that fall within the official exam periods (refer to the sessional dates for the official exam periods). Until the final exam schedule is published (the Friday before Thanksgiving for fall term and Family Day for winter term) it should be assumed that exams could be scheduled any time from the first to the last day of the official period. Students will not be granted consideration for any personal plans (travel, etc.) made in conflict with their exam schedule. Section 8.4 of the Academic Regulations states that personal plans do not qualify as extenuating circumstances.

What if I have a question about exam grades?
  • Instructors should contact their Faculty Office regarding deadline dates for submitting grades.
  • Students should contact their instructor if they have a question about their exam grade.
Where can I find previous exams?

Final and midyear exams that are deemed non-confidential are posted annually by October 31 to the ExamBank. Answers are not provided. Users can access the ExamBank from off-campus by logging into QSpace with their Queen’s NetID..

When do you hire proctors?

Please contact the Exams Office at for details.

Do you invigilate exams for other institutions?

No, Queen's does not offer this service. You can contact Kingston Learning College or St. Lawrence College for assistance with this type of request.

PLEASE NOTE:  Queen's is not affiliated with the proctoring services of KLC or SLC in any way.