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Dunning Hall - First Floor,
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The Faculty of Arts and Science is located on the First Floor of Dunning Hall. Students come to the office for academic counselling and answers to academic-related questions: about degree programs, requirements for dual degrees, letters of permission to take courses at other universities, appeals, etc.

However, current and prospective students can't always make it to the office and need to email us for answers to their questions.

We'd like to make it easier for you to get the answers you need by offering different emails for different questions.

Question or purposeE-mail
(questions about eligibility, the admission process, grades needed for admission and more)
Continuing and Distance Studies/Online
Dean's Honour

Graduation eligibility
(verifying eligibility for students who have already applied to graduate)

Dual/Second Degrees
International Programs
Letters of
(questions about adding/dropping courses, waitlists, important dates, dropping minors, etc.)
Tuition and
Transfers to Queen's
(both internal and external to Queen's)

Admission & General Information:
(613) 533-2218

For more information on the Application Process please click here.


Call: 1-800-267-7837

Located in Mackintosh-Corry Hall, the Arts and Science Advancement team works with alumni and friends to maximize philanthropic support for the faculty, departments and University-wide projects. If you are interested in learning more about how your charitable giving can make an impact at Queen's, please feel free to contact us.;


The Faculty of Arts and Science offers regularly scheduled advising appointments. You may book an appointment through our Advising Appointment Booking system. Please note that during our peak periods our advising slots fill up very quickly.

For specific questions concerning your degree plan you may wish to speak with the Undergraduate Assistant in your home department as they are the experts on their plans. Visit Queen's A-Z Listings for department contact information.

For non-urgent inquiries, you can email or call 613-533-2470 for additional assistance.

Faculty of Arts and Science Advising Goals

  • Assist students in exploring the possible study options and the short and long range consequences of their academic choices
  • Make students aware of the wide range of services and educational opportunities offered by Queen's that may be pertinent to the achievement of their educational objectives
  • Provide students and faculty with information and interpretation of Faculty regulations, policies, procedures, applications and programs of study within the Faculty and the University
  • Offer referrals to appropriate university service units for assistance (Health, Counselling and Disability Services, Career Services, etc.)
  • Provide academic advice to prospective Arts and Science students and their parents
  • Instill understanding and an appreciation for the value of a liberal arts degree
  • Advocate, as necessary, on behalf of the student
  • Ensure that the student understands he/she has the ultimate responsibility to monitor a course of study and fulfill degree requirements and should seek advice as necessary.

Julia Baldassarra (PASS Coordinator & Student Services Intern)

Hello everyone! My name is Julia Baldassarra and I am one of the PASS Coordinators for this year. This is my first year with PASS and I am so excited to see what this year holds for the program. I am a Political Studies major and taking an Employment Relations certificate. This year I am doing a 16-month internship with the Faculty of Arts and Science through the Queen’s University Internship Program (QUIP). Besides PASS I am also one of the Co-Chairs for Queen’s Feminist Leadership in Politics (QFLIP) and a member of the executive team at Queen’s Save the Mothers. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends and watching TV. I know your first year can be overwhelming but at PASS we can help make that transition a bit easier. We are always happy to help so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Sangeetha Saravanan (Assistant Coordinator)

Hello everyone! My name is Sangeetha Saravanan, and this is my second year on the PASS team, and my first year as the PASS Assistant Coordinator. I’m in my fourth year in Life Science, and I'm also pursuing a second degree in Indigenous Studies, as well as the DIPA certificate! I'm from Markham, Ontario, and I also love to read! Outside of PASS, I’m involved as one of the EDII directors for VCFS, and I am one of the captains of the QISA Dance Team, and a Resume Coach for Career Services at Queen’s. First year is definitely a time filled with a lot of excitement - but it can also be filled with some nervousness, but reaching out can help ease the transition from high school to university. PASS can help address academic concerns, as well as help with handling stress, and provide resources for mental health support, so always feel free to come talk with someone in PASS! We’re looking forward to meeting you all! 

Luca DiFrancesco

Hi everyone, my name is Luca and this is my first year as a PASS Advisor! I’m a third year Life Sciences Major and Concurrent Education student with the hopes of being a high school Biology and Chemistry teacher after graduation. Outside of PASS, I am starting my two-year term on the Board of Directors for the Alma Mater Society where I Chair the Personnel Committee. This year, I am also sitting on the Senate Committee on Academic Development and Procedures where I get to work with an awesome team of people who try to enhance the learning experience for all the students here at Queen’s! I know how tough the transition is from high school to university, especially now as we transition through this post-COVID world. Don’t be afraid to reach out because we are all here to help you adjust to life at Queen’s!

Zichen Song 

Hello everyone! My name is Zichen Song, and I am a student majoring in life science. I am spending one extra year at Queen’s to get more hands-on experiences and enjoy an academic year with fewer COVID restrictions. As a life science student, I am enthusiastic about genetics and neuroscience. I am currently participating in a research project about the SLMAP gene. In my spare time, I am interested in sailing, photography, fashion design, and video games (Yakuza Series). You can find me walking on the campus while acquiring inspiration to create my lookbook, volunteering in one of the life science labs, or enjoying Hokkaido Hotate (scallop sashimi) at Sima Sushi. This is my first year as a PASS advisor. As an international student, I know that the first year can be challenging. Many of you want to balance schoolwork and social life effectively. Many of you need to work hard to get used to the university curriculum. I had a similar situation. You are not alone! I found effective ways to overcome the language barrier, create logical course selection strategies, make new friends and achieve academic success during my first year. I am willing to share my story and experience with you! I am willing to cheer you up. I am looking forward to seeing the smile on your face. I am looking forward to seeing you achieve academic success!

Adelle Barksy-Moore

Hi everyone! My name is Adelle, and I am a second-year BScH Major in Psychology pursuing a minor in Health Studies. This is my first year with PASS and I am so excited to meet you all. I love python, yoga, reading, and hiking. My favourite library on campus is Douglas with the Law Library as a close second. I can’t wait to share any words of wisdom from what I learned in my first year, and how to survive courses like linear algebra and Psych 100. I promise it’s possible, and made much better with the friends you make along the way. Please know you can always talk to PASS advisors including myself, I know they helped me greatly with my first year.

Kyra Healey

Hi everyone! My name is Kyra and I’m going into my fourth year of the Health Studies! This is my first year as a PASS advisor and I’m really looking forward to working with the team! Aside from PASS, you can find me playing Ultimate Frisbee with the women's ultimate team, studying in Douglas Library or at a QHO or Jack.Org event. Starting first-year can be a confusing time, but don't worry, myself and the other PASS advisors are here to help, so don't hesitate to reach out (even for the silly small things)

Sophia Filosa

Hello! My name is Sophia Filosa, I’m from Markham, Ontario and I’m a third-year Global Development Studies major and History minor here at Queen’s. On the daily you can either find me working in the library, eating a bagel at Cogro, or taking and teaching classes with the Queen's Dance Club. I listen to music wherever I go, love a good book, and my Netflix recently watched always consists of The Office. I’m so excited to be a part of the PASS team this year and look forward to helping everyone with a smooth transition to university life. In my first year, I was very unsure of my academic future so I know the stress and how overwhelming it can be in this new environment. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Riley Geiser

Hi everyone! My name is Riley, and I’m a fourth year Life Sci student specializing in Neuroscience I’m currently enrolled in the BScH/MSc program as I plan on continuing my education in Neuroscience at the graduate school level prior to going to med school! This is my third year as a PASS advisor, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue working with the service.  Besides my work with PASS, I spend my time in Botterell Hall or at the Boiler Room Climbing Gym. I’ve had the chance to work with various clubs on campus and this year I’ll be volunteering as an upper year LISC. You can find me online during my PASS shifts, or in the lower level of Bracken Library. I’m always happy to help out with navigating through the chaos of first-year, or just have a friendly chat!

Emma Bacon

My name is Emma, and I'm in my fourth year of majoring in Biology and minoring in Music. This is my second year being a PASS advisor, and I am beyond excited to work with this team! I hope to help out as best I can. Aside from PASS, this year, I am also a Peer Support Centre volunteer, and I work at the Print and Copy Centre! You can usually find me working on my thesis in Biosci, walking my dog, or practicing on my viola in Harrison-Lecaine. I know that first year of university can be stressful. When I was in first year, I knew nothing about what courses to take and where to find my prerequisites for my program. PASS was instrumental in helping me through my first year, and I hope to help out many of you in return! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!

Becca Kim

Hi everyone! My name is Becca and I’m completing my fourth year of the Life Sciences major and the certificate in French for Professionals. This is my second year as a PASS advisor and I’m really looking forward to working with the team again! Aside from PASS, you can usually find me at Richardson Stadium playing soccer with the women’s soccer team, studying in Stauffer library, or going for a walk down by the pier. Starting your first year can definitely be nerve-racking, but we’re here to help make your transition as smooth as possible, so please don’t hesitate to reach out! I can’t wait to meet you all! 

Ava Khansari

Hi everyone, my name is Ava Khansari and I am a third year Kinesiology major. This is my second year as a PASS advisor. I love being part of this team and helping incoming students. I am also the co-president of QUPDS, marketing identity lead of CUCOH and a member of PHEKSA. Some of my hobbies include working out, hanging out with friends, and skiing. I am excited to continue my journey with PASS and hopefully make the transition to first year much easier for students. I am always happy to answer any questions so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Veronica Duffy 

Hi there! My name is Veronica and I am a fourth-year majoring in Life Science, specializing in Bio-Medical Discovery. This is my second year as a PASS advisor and I am very excited to be on the team once again. Aside from PASS, I have been involved in a few clubs and programs at Queen’s such as the Life Science Prospective Student Facilitator Committee and the Queen’s Global Energy Conference. In my spare time I enjoy skiing, hanging out at the pier, reading and playing tennis. I’ve been in your position before, and understand how nerve-wracking and overwhelming first year can be. PASS is here to help and always ready to listen to all of your worries and concerns. I am so excited to meet you all and welcome you to Queen’s!

Rachel Neita

Hi everyone, my name is Rachel and I am in my fourth year as a biochemistry major. Outside of PASS you can find me working at Walkhome or camping out on the third floor of Stauffer. This is my first year as a PASS advisor and I’m so excited to start working with you and our team. First year can be a real challenge which is why using PASS can really help manage this transition and find a new balance. I’m excited to meet all the first-years and help ease this adjustment to university life!

Hannah Robinson

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I am fourth year Sociology and Employment Relations student. This is my last year in Kingston before I head back to my hometown of Georgetown, Ontario. This will be my first year as a PASS advisor and I am super excited to be a part of this awesome team. Alongside my PASS role, I am also an AMP mentor, SOCY DSC co-president, and Walkhome service staff. I love checking out new hiking spots in Kingston, reading and swimming. After almost the entirety of undergrad under my belt, I am looking forward to sharing some tips and tricks that I have picked up on the way! Moving to a new city and a new school can be very daunting and I am excited to help make this transition a little smoother for you by answering any questions/concerns you might have.

Sylvia Kathirkamanathan

Hey everyone! My name is Sylvia and I am in my fourth year as a Life Sciences major. I am super excited to be one of the new PASS advisors for the upcoming school year! Aside from PASS, I am the elections marketing deputy for AMS, and the blog coordinator for Queen's Women of Color Collective among other roles. I understand how stressful first year can be for many students and hopefully, I can help in any way I can as an advisor. Looking forward to a great year!

Breanna Way

Hi all! My name is Breanna and I am a third year student majoring in psychology and minoring in linguistics. This is my first year with PASS and I am super excited to get involved and help out fellow students. Outside of school I love reading, playing my trombone, and ice skating! As someone who spent their first year of university under strict quarantine rules, I know a lot about navigating transitions from online learning to in person classes, and how it can feel difficult to get involved and meet people. I hope I can use my experience to help everyone reach their goals and have the best first year possible

Willem Rosenberg

Hello everyone! My name is Willem (he/him), but feel free to call me Will. Nice to “e-meet” you! I’m a fourth-year History major and Political Studies minor. I’m beyond excited to be a PASS advisor this year as it gives me the privilege of meeting and helping so many students in the Queen’s community. Besides PASS, I’m volunteering as an Orientation Leader (GAEL) and with the Judicial Committee (JComm). You can also see me around campus, giving tours to prospective students about Queen’s. Over the years, I have come to really like certain places in Kingston: my favourite place to study on campus is third floor in the Joseph S. Stauffer Library (Stauffer); my favourite place to eat off-campus is the Pilot House for fish and chips; my favourite place for coffee grinds is Cooke’s Fine Foods and Coffee (Cooke’s); my favourite coffeehouses are Common Ground Coffeehouse (CoGro) since it’s on-campus, Coffee & Company – it’s delicious, and Kingston Coffee House Inc. for their atmosphere… I really like my coffee! We at PASS have been in your position and are here to help in any way possible. I look forward to meeting some of you in person

Natalie Stevenson

Hello everyone! My name is Natalie and this is my first year apart of PASS. I am third year student in a medial in English and Philosophy. I have ad the opportunity to become a PASS advisor in hopes ease the your transition into first year and navigating university life. Besides PASS, I am a service staff member in Printing and Copy Centre, a Queen’s School of English CPP partner, and an ASUS certified tutor. I am also a Copy Editor for both Quilt Publication and Queen’s for Sustainable Fashion. I mostly spend my time in Stauffer attempting to work on my assignments or walking around campus with my headphones on enjoying the fresh air. Through my first two years at Queen’s, I have gained a great deal of experience with life in Kingston and at Queen’s. As a first year, I hardly knew a thing about what courses to take and how to handle a university schedule. I hope I can connect with you about your experiences and provide some guidance to assure the best out of your first year at Queen’s. I look forward to speaking with you!

Tania Rabie 

Hi everyone! My name is Tania, and I am a second-year student majoring in psychology and minoring in philosophy. After my undergraduate degree, I am hoping to head to law school! This is my first year with PASS, and I am super excited to be a part of this great team! Besides being a PASS advisor, I am also an Orientation Leader! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, working out, and reading! I understand that transitioning from high school to university can be very nerve-wracking and challenging! However, it is critical to know that we are here to help! When I was in my first year, I received ample support from upper-year mentors, and I cannot wait to use my experiences to help others in the same way! 

Andrea Santalla Escobar

Hi! My name is Andrea, I am a third year majoring in Psychology and I am one of the new PASS advisors for the 22-23 school year. Outside of PASS, I am the advertising assistant at Student Academic Success Services, a member of Queen’s, and a directed lab student/research assistant at Dr. Flores’ READY Lab. I also enjoy singing, working out, and watching anime. I know how hard it can be going into first year: learning to balance commitments, maintaining one’s mental health, and facing brand new experiences. All of this can be overwhelming, but with help from services like PASS, I am positive you can thrive. I’m excited to meet you and support you in your transition to university!


Academic consideration is meant to help you manage a short-term extenuating circumstance. All requests for academic consideration must be submitted through the Academic Consideration Request Portal. 

Access the Academic Consideration Request Portal here  

If you have any questions about academic consideration, please contact the Academic Consideration Team at 


The Academic Regulations for the Faculty of Arts and Science are designed to ensure that academic standards are upheld and that all students are treated fairly and equitably. The Faculty does, however, understand that there are occasions in which extenuating circumstances, that is circumstances beyond a student's control-adversely, affect a student's performance at Queen's University.

Submit your Online Appeal here

You may contact the Office of the University Ombudsperson for information about student rights and responsibilities and guidance on policy and procedure by visiting their website at, or by e-mail at


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