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A new research project at Queen’s University is working to better our understanding of the earth’s formation, evolution, and future with a particular focus on the importance of the moon.

As new technologies develop, designing them for human benefit can be a complex challenge. Neurotechnology, considered any tool used to measure, intervene on, or artificially stimulate brain function, is an emerging technology with extensive potential societal impact. It has already demonstrated advanced applications to help those with neurological disorders, while also attracting the eyes of Silicon Valley and those with interests in its surveillance and personal augmentation potential.

Faculty of Arts and Science professor Christopher Bowie is the first Queen’s University researcher to receive the Dr. Samarthji Lal Award, an annual award of $25,000 that is given to a researcher who is making an outstanding contribution in the field of mental health.

Through his innovative Action-Based Cognitive Remediation program, Dr. Bowie is working to achieve long-standing improvements in functioning for those with schizophrenia and mood disorders.