Why Grad Studies

If we polled 1,000 students in Grad School and asked them why they choose to pursue graduate studies they would probably all have something different to say. The choice is very personal, probably more personal than the decision to get an undergraduate degree. But we have noticed a trend of five main reasons that our students choose to continue their studies:

  1. A Master's Degree is the new Bachelor's Degree. Not too long ago, it was easy to be competitive in the job market with a four-year undergraduate degree, and in some cases this is still true, but in some it's just not enough any more. 
  2. Get noticed - by colleagues, by professors, by industry, by family - who ever you want to be noticed by. Locally and around the globe. 
  3. Dive deeper to find the answers you want - not answers that others want. You know those big questions you have? Or the research project in your fourth year of your undergrad that just never really got to the bottom of that question you were asking? This is your chance.
  4. Give teaching a try. Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Grad School is a place to try teaching, try research, try publishing, try project management, try inventing - all while still under the disquise of school before trying it out there in the real world. 
  5. Get paid to learn. I know that sounds crazy, but many grad school positions are funded and your costs are either greatly reduced or you can even make money while you learn.

We believe that what happens in the classroom, the library and the lab is just the beginning of your educational journey. Our award-winning libraries and cutting-edge laboratories put you right in the middle of the academic action. And when you’re ready to go beyond the books, we’ve assembled a full range of services designed to help you learn how to teach, write, assess and grow.

From workshops, especially for Teaching Assistants, to writing seminars that will show you how to organize your thinking and write more effectively, to support groups and skills sessions that will help you cope with the pressures of grad studies and learn how to manage your time effectively, we are committed to helping you become well rounded no matter where your career path takes you.

Learn more about the Programs available to graduate students within the Faculty of Arts and Science. You may then select from the list of departments to obtain more information about individual departmental graduate studies.