Graeme Howe wins Polanyi Prize

Graeme HoweGraeme Howe, an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, has been recognized by the Province of Ontario with a 2020 Polanyi Prize.

Dr. Howe is one of five recipients of the annual award that recognizes leading researchers who are in the early stages of their careers and/or pursuing post-doctoral research at an Ontario university in the fields of physics, literature, chemistry, economic science, and medicine/ physiology. The recipients represent the province's next generation of world-class researchers.

The prize, named for 1986 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry John Polanyi, is the province’s highest honour for researchers.

The Government of Ontario’s announcement describes Dr. Howe’s research as follows: “In the Howe Lab at Queen's University, Dr. Graeme W. Howe studies organic chemistry to understand the evolution of enzymes and how they have evolved to accelerate chemical reactions. Chemistry and chemical reactions are foundational to the production of most goods and commodities. Many chemical reactions are energetically demanding or require expensive, environmentally harmful catalysts. By studying enzymes, Dr. Howe hopes to design more environmentally-friendly and efficient enzymes to streamline industrial processes.”

Recipients are chosen by a selection committee consisting of 10 members, two from each of the five prize categories. Committee members are nominated by the deans of the Graduate Schools in Ontario and selected by the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies.

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Note: This article originally appeared in the Queen's Gazette