Life sciences degree now offered online

Queen’s Faculty of Arts and Science will begin offering its first online Bachelor of Science degree this fall – a three-year general BSc in Life Sciences.

“Queen’s has a long history of making education accessible to students who are studying at a distance, and we are delighted to be able to offer the university’s first fully online BSc degree in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences,” says Brenda Ravenscroft, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Like the four other online bachelor degree programs offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science – including English, history, psychology, and global development studies – the new online degree is a three-year program. Students, however, can tailor their studies to accommodate their schedules and do not need to finish within three years. All of the Arts and Science online degrees are the equivalent of an on-campus degree.

Dr. Ravenscroft notes that Queen’s is an emerging leader in online learning and has a track record of delivering online courses of a very high quality. The Faculty of Arts and Science has been offering online courses in biology, anatomy and physiology for several years and, more recently, online courses have been developed in chemistry, physics and microbiology. This has enabled the faculty to meet curricular requirements for the life sciences degree through fully online studies.

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