Queen's researcher forms international partnership with Australian firm

Researcher Richard Oleschuk and Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) in Australia are collaborating on the development of the next generation of biochemical instrumentation that will improve the detection of diseases such as cancer.

Dr. Oleschuk (Chemistry) has developed a microscopic straw-shaped glass instrument that can efficiently generate and spray nanometer-sized droplets into spectrometers capable of analyzing biomarkers.

“Our lab is working to allow researchers to detect biomarkers at concentrations below the equivalent of a couple of tablets dissolved in an Olympic-sized swimming pool,” says Dr. Oleschuk. “We are essentially making shower heads smaller than a human hair wide using ultra fine glass tubes. We are excited to form this partnership and expand our research.”

The framework for the commercialization of Dr. Oleschuk’s technology is being established through PARTEQ Innovations, the university’s technology transfer organization.

Development of the technology and additional research will be conducted in the Kingston Nano-Fabrication Laboratory, a CFI-funded lab located at Innovation Park, and in collaboration with Université Laval in Quebec City. 

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