Degree Quick Check Form

Welcome to our online Degree Quick Check Station! Please submit this form and we will get back to you with degree audit reports by email. We look forward to checking in with you!

This service is available to all upper-year Arts and Science students; however, please DO NOT submit a request if you have applied to graduate. Our Degree Coordinators will check your requirements and write to you if there is an issue concerning your eligibility. For information on how to run and read your own ARR visit our Course Planning and Options page.

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Please indicate if you are doing a second or dual degree.
If so, please list the courses are you expecting to complete as a transfer credit toward your degree and how will they count (core, option, elective course, etc.).
If yes, please note that we will automatically perform your degree audit and contact you via your Queen’s email if we find that you will not meet your remaining degree requirements upon completion of your currently enrolled courses. You will ONLY receive a notification if there is an issue with your application. We will not perform additional degree checks for students who have already applied to graduate.