Strategic Plan Update Form

Submit your updates on progress on Strategic Plan initiatives for inclusion in FAS Faculty Board meeting reports and annual reviews.

Please add an update for each initiative for which you are responsible in the sections below, if you have an update since our last report (note there may be more sections than you need for each report).

You can find initiative numbers and titles on pages 14-15 of our Strategic Plan. Please submit your initiative update in full sentences or using bullet points and mention if it is related to supporting a guiding principle. Please also note that Project Phase is a required field.

As outlined in the Strategic Plan Tracker, the definitions of the Project Phases are as follows:

  1. Initiation: Determine vision, objectives, goals. Connect with stakeholders to prepare for planning process.
  2. Planning: Determine scope, costs/resources, risks, timeframes and performance measures. Develop project plan and assignments.
  3. Execution: Execute the project plan. Monitor and control scope-creep, update stakeholders w status reports
  4. Closure: Project wrapup, communication, final report, postmortem and release of resources.