Admissions & Applications

It's never too early to start planning for grad school. Wondering where to begin? See the sections below for information about requirements and applying.

Academic Requirements

Before applying to grad school, it's important for you to see if you have the minimum academic requirements for the graduate program you're interested in. You can find minimum requirements two ways:

  • Explore the Arts and Science grad program pages (scroll down to the "Faculty of Arts and Science" section) for in-depth information about each program, including requirements. You can also see a list of our master's and PhD programs here, or our professional programs here.
  • Look at the School of Graduate Studies' 2017/18 Application Requirements Table for a quick overview of minimum requirements for all grad programs at Queen's.

Not sure what you'd like to study in grad school yet? Check out this page of our website for some guidance.

How to apply

See the How to Apply section of the School of Graduate Studies website for helpful information including:

  • Tips For Undergrads
  • Considerations Before Applying
  • Information for Indigenous Students
  • Information for International Students
  • Steps for applying