Undergrad at Queen's

Thinking about doing your undergraduate degree at Queen's University? Check out the sections below for helpful information regarding undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

An investment you can afford. See what  student awards, bursaries, scholarships and working opportunities are available to help you fund your undergraduate education at Queen's.

Sound good? We think so too. Start learning how to apply... it's easy.

Helpful information for international students applying to the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen's University.

Interested in Med School or Law School and need to know the path to get there? Figure out what programs and courses you should be taking.

Looking for the perfect fit? So are we. Transferring to Queen's may be the right size and style - we may be the perfect fit. Learn about how to transfer.

Learn about starting your undergraduate degree undeclared. Also find out about our direct entry programs.

The Dual Degree and Second Degree Programs allow students to complete degrees from two different Faculties or Schools at Queen’s University.

Learn about the exciting educational opportunities available to undergraduate students in Queen's Arts and Science.