Interdisciplinary Client-based Project (ASCX400)

Interested in working with students from other faculties and programs to address a problem presented by a client? Apply to take our Interdisciplinary Client-based Project course to address a real problem for a real client. 

In this course, you could find yourself working for a company, non-profit organization, social enterprise, health and education providers, or local government. Some examples of the projects that you could work on include social innovation, process improvement, business strategy/marketing, environmental, start-ups, blue-sky, or a combination of topics which are selected based on client and industry interests. Potential projects ideas range from increasing engagement via social media and fostering a culture of social innovation to reducing customer wait times, a feasibility study for a smartphone app, a lean assembly solution for a product, data analytics, and program evaluation.

As a member of a multi-disciplinary team supported by experienced professionals who will act as your team mentors, you will act as consultant and/or project manager, taking on the full scope of a project, from ideation to project design and implementation.  

In late Fall 2020, successful applicants will be matched to projects teams, based on their skills and client requirements. Teams will include students from different areas of study, such as arts, science, engineering, and more, enabling them to develop innovative and unique solutions across many different sectors.

Before engaging with clients, you will have the opportunity to develop your project management, teamwork, stakeholder engagement and professional communication skills. Next, you’ll learn to identify issues, analyze problems, and develop the project scope, milestones and deliverables. With these skills, you will then execute your projects in your team with the guidance of an experienced mentor.  At the end of the project, teams will present their findings and recommendations to their client and stakeholders via a presentation and business report.


To apply for the course, please send a copy of your résume, along with a covering letter outlining: why you are interested in taking the course; what skills and experience you could bring to the team; and the types of projects that interest you to