Interdisciplinary Client-based Project (ASCX400)

Interested in doing something different? Looking for a hands-on learning experience? We now have nearly 50 projects for you to choose from listed below for our new fourth-year interdisciplinary project experience course. Check them out and register for the course to take on a project for a community partner and work with students from other faculties and programs. While addressing a real problem or project, you will hone transferable skills that employers are searching for, such as project management, problem solving, communication, and how to work with clients and stakeholders.

Some of the organizations that you could work with include: the Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre, the Arctic Youth Network, Beggar’s Banquet Bookstore, the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the National Research Council, the 1000 History Museum and the 1000 Islands Writers Festival, and several other companies, non-profit organizations, clubs, camps and, of course, Queen’s University.

Projects range from creating apps and audio tours, fundraising campaigns and feasibility studies to creating business, marketing and communications plans as well as engineering, computing, and technology projects.

See the full list of projects and project descriptions below.

As a member of a multi-disciplinary team supported by experienced professionals who will act as your team mentors, you will act as consultant and/or project manager, taking on the full scope of a project, from ideation to project design and implementation.  

You will be assigned to a project team, based on your  interests, skills, and client requirements. Teams will include students from different areas of study, such as arts, science, engineering, and more, enabling them to develop innovative and unique solutions across many different sectors.

Before engaging with clients, you will have the opportunity to develop your project management, teamwork, stakeholder engagement and professional communication skills. Next, you’ll learn to identify issues, analyze problems, and develop the project scope, milestones and deliverables. With these skills, you will then execute your projects in your team with the guidance of an experienced mentor.  At the end of the project, teams will present their findings and recommendations to their client and stakeholders via a presentation and business report.


Arctic Youth Network

Organization Ecosystem Map

The Arctic Youth Network (AYN) aims to democratize access to opportunities, resources, and contacts that youth need to develop as leaders. The project team will help them to achieve this mission by creating a platform to amplify youth voices, and empower a community of young change-makers in the North.

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a tailored content marketing strategy offering recommendations for increasing online reach and social media presence for a global network of youth making change in the Arctic.

Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre (ASEC)

Indigenous Educational Resource

The Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre (ASEC) plans to develop an educational resource that tells the stories of Acadian culture, local Mi'kmaq communities on whose traditional lands the facility is located, as well as the rich freshwater and marine coastal resources of the area. The project team will carry out research to inform the development of the ASEC educational resource, using existing case studies, an understanding of new technology and traditional customs, and an appreciation on how to blend science and traditional knowledge.

Environmental Scan & Marketing Plan

Conduct an environmental scan and prepare a written marketing plan examining how best to reach two demographics - junior high students and high school students - keeping the younger segment excited and confident about science, and the high school students interested as potential future scientists.

Beggar's Banquet Books Bookstore

Re-Branding Project

Develop a marketing strategy to help promote a local bookstore to people outside of the region, including a budget, marketing action plan and final report on the processes, successes, failures, learnings and recommendations.

Tourism Marketing Strategy and Plan

Develop a strategy to help a local bookstore promote their products and merchandise to people in the region, including a budget, marketing action plan and produce a final report on the processes, successes, failures, learnings and recommendations.

Camp Can-Aqua

Digital Program Board

Create a user-centric website for a local youth camp that allows campers to have ownership of their selected activities/programs.

Reservations and Booking Website

Develop a website for a local youth camp that communicates offerings, collects payments, and provides users with the capability of building customizable camp experiences for large groups, individuals, families, and everyone in between.

Camp Celiac

Online Registration and Database Prototype

Create a website/database that facilitates the registration process at a youth camp, while customizing a camper's experience.

Camp Davern

Community Engagement, Brand Awareness & Marketing Plan

Develop a three-year marketing plan that connects Camp Davern to families in Kingston and increases their overall community engagement.

Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

Impact of Climate Change on Health Care

Carry out research and formulate an approach that tackles the problem of how to automate the collection of information about the impact that climate change is having on the health care system.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Plant Health Awareness Campaign

Carry out research, analyze results and create project plan for an awareness campaign for Canadians about plant health, the impacts our actions may have on the economy and environment and to adopt practices to reduce these risks.

Communication Plan: Plant Awareness and Risk Prevention

Development of an invasive plant awareness campaign for the CFIA Agency which includes a communication strategy, information about health risks, dissemination of risk prevention practices and advice for future protection.

E-Commerce Analysis, Recommendations & Communication Plan

Development of a communication strategy (print and e-commerce) for the CFIA that informs the general public about the importance of verifying the legitimacy of plant products prior to purchasing and importing them into Canada.

Animal Risk Assessment App

A feasibility study for the development of a smartphone app which contains information about African Swine Flu and helps to facilitate an early detection and rapid response to a suspected outbreak. 

Prototype Application, Marketing & Implementation Plan

Develop a working prototype mobile application/web app, based on the visual concepts already designed, that allows Canadians to easily access information about traveling with their pet cat or dog (with the ability to expand to other pets in the future). A detailed marketing & implementation plan will also be required.

Raising Awareness of Plant Health Science in Canada

This project looks to find new and creative ways to raise awareness of plant health science in Canada, and engage a wider audience (e.g., youth, growers/farmers, outdoor recreational groups, and Indigenous communities).  The team will conceptualize and/or design communication materials, identifying the best suitable media channels to use for their dissemination and/or increase viewership through existing channels.

Development of Educational Resources

To develop educational materials and activities that engage youth at an early stage (to inspire the next generation of scientists and citizen scientists), pique their curiosity and have them contribute in protecting plants resources in Canada.

Literature Review, Presentation & Report

Conduct a robust analysis of current literature on the molecular consequences of genome editing (beyond those already identified by Schnell et al., 2015), that could result from using gene-editing techniques for trait introduction in plants. The information would allow regulators to develop clearer guidance on determining the novelty of plants and the data required for the safety assessments of plant products derived from genome editing techniques.

Engineering Connections

Design & Prototype: Decreasing the Carbon Footprint of a Mobile Classroom

Working with Connections (the Engineering Outreach of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science), the team will carry out a needs assessment for virtual STEM education support and develop a business plan that identifies strategies towards financial sustainability as well as marketing and communication.  This project will highlight how students can use a design thinking process to improve an existing program to reflect the changes to virtual education.

Virtual STEM Educational Outreach Workshops

Working with Connections (the Engineering Outreach of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science), the team will develop a business plan that identifies strategies towards financial sustainability as well as marketing and communication. Based on the business plan, the design team will then determine the criteria and constraints, and then create an initial design concept.

Enrichment Studies - Queen's

Business Plan

Working with the Enrichment Studies Unit at Queen's, the team will develop a professional and career-ready program plan that includes the development of a creative brief, documentation (supporting research, costing/financial, implementation plan, etc), and a mock-up prototype.

Program Design, Prototype and Creative Brief

Working with the Enrichment Studies Unit at Queen's, the team will assess current educational offerings within the unit and make strategic recommendations for future program initiatives. This will include a SWOT analysis, financial considerations, budget & resource plan, an implementation plan, branding and marketing plan etc.

Strategic Plan

Working with the Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) at Queen's, the team will conduct external research and analysis supporting the development of a five-year strategic plan.

Faculty of Arts & Science

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Experiential Learning team within the Faculty of Arts & Science is looking to learn more about the current student experience and identify the types of experiential opportunities that would add value to the student’s degree, as well as increase their employability. To do this, the team will have to gain insights about the student ‘journey’, identify the various ‘personas’ to better understand student experience and develop a framework that could be shared with other faculties.

Community & Local Business Employability

The Experiential Learning team within the Faculty of Arts & Science is looking to identify the skills and experience that our local community and employers are looking for from a student with an Arts & Science education. The project team will gather data that will provide in-depth analysis and understanding of community & local business expectations, ultimately presenting their findings & recommendations to senior management within the Faculty.

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science - Student Services

International On-boarding Campaign

Development of an onboarding program that supports the transition of international students into Queen’s University, and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The project team will be required to submit a detailed marketing plan for the launch of an event or technological support based on sound data collection & analysis practices.

Friends of the Spire Inc.

Membership App & Target Test Study

A local non-profit organization is looking for a project team to develop a secure mobile app for an upcoming membership program.

Spire Roof Design

A local non-profit organization is looking for roofing material recommendations that may be used to replace the current roof.

Structural Integrity Review

A local non-profit organization is looking for an engineering report and recommendations regarding the structural integrity of timber beams within a stone structure constructed in 1854.

Donor Tracking App: Design & Prototype

Friends of a local church organization would like a team to develop a simple but effective donor tracking and donor stewardship app for up to 100 donors per year.

Faculty of Education & Science Rendezvous Kingston (SRK) Outreach

Mobile App & Implementation Plan

Identification and development of a mobile app prototype (or innovative alternative) to attract and engage the general public in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) across south eastern Ontario.

Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Science Fair

Virtual Event Platform

Design a virtual science fair platform with the ability to host student projects for viewing, a virtual chat feature for interaction between students, judges and the community, and a mobile judging app linked to the database.

Gananoque Canoe Club

Clubhouse Extension Feasibility Study & Engineering Design

A local Canoe Club is looking to add an addition to their current building to help alleviate the congestion in the clubhouse. Working with the club, the team will design a new addition, develop a basic cost analysis, obtain stakeholder buy-in, and obtain approval from local authorities (where possible).

Design & Implementation of Financial Electronic System

Design, develop and implement a financial system (electronic) that is streamlined, capable of reporting functionality, and has documented procedures to allow for an easy transition from one treasurer to another.

National Research Council

Indigenous Internship Project

Develop innovative and unique solutions to help increase outreach and attraction of Indigenous students, in fields relevant to its Engineering division, and to provide these students with a barrier-free and equitable access to internship opportunities, as a pathway to a successful R&D career.    

Indigenous Engagement Strategy

Identify and outline the key elements of an effective Indigenous engagement strategy for HTSN (High Throughput and Secure Networks) by seeking input and involvement of Indigenous communities and/or groups and organizations active in Indigenous communities.

Improving Diversity in Science and Technology

Identify ways that the High Throughput and Secure Networks (HTSN) Challenge program can deliver & implement their goals related to increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion of early-career scientists and performing gender based analysis plus (GBA+) of the science for their mandate to develop innovative technologies for the deployment of high speed broadband connections to users anywhere in Canada.

Stratos Inc.

Investor ESG Due Diligence

Scan and compile a list of of Canadian companies currently involved in the financing of mineral exploration listed on the Canadian stock exchange, as well as a baseline study of existing ESG due diligence practices being undertaken by companies that specialize in financing (or raising financing for) mineral exploration companies listed on Canadian stock exchanges.

Social Media Strategy

Working with a sustainability management consultancy, this project requires students to develop a social media strategy. This strategy should help to increase the ‘virtual visibility’ of the firm.

Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust

Stagecoach Stop Restoration Plan

The Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust is looking to restore a stagecoach stop building with a timber frame, cove-mold tongue-and-groove wood sided with a corrugated steel roof. The project team will provide a report on the construction of the original construction, a drawing of the foundation for restoration purposes and a restoration plan that demonstrates sound construction methods and preservation of the building's original look.

Historical & Ecological Report to develop Lost hamlet into Hiking Trail

Working with a team of local historians, archivists and archaeologists, develop a marketing plan and materials (eg timeline, maps, story, pamphlets etc) suitable for signage and social media for an historic property based in Upper Canada and Athens Ontario.

Paddle the Watershed Project

A local non-profit organization is looking for a team of students to revive and re-develop the 'Paddle the Watershed' event for a post-COVID 19 world.  The final product will essentially get the event “locked and loaded”, with the intention that organization can execute the plan with minimal planning time.

YMCA Kingston

Mobile Fitness Program

The YMCA is looking to engage residents of rural communities in effective sustainable physical activity. The project team will be required to design, develop and evaluate a monthly nutrition-based workshop series that can be tested within the community.

1000 Islands History Museum

Impact of Covid-19 on our History

Create a plan for reaching out to community businesses, schools, health centers, governments, community organizations and individuals to gather stories, photos and objects around how their working, community and personal lives have changed in the COVID-19 era. 

Virtual Audio Tour

Create an online walking audio/video tour for a museum as a way for local schools to explore, be entertained, and enhance their outdoor learning experience. The team will be required to make recommendations on resources and identify project costs.

AI & Metadata Foundations for 1KIHM Artifacts Collection

Identify possible data structure standards and metadata standards that can be incorporated into the museum artefact cataloguing system

1000 Islands Writers Festival

Virtual Fundraising Campaign

Design, develop and implement a fundraising event for a local writer's festival.  This will include developing and pitching the proposed concept(s), execution plan, marketing strategy and budget.

Feasibility Study

Carry out a feasibility study to determine the viability of a virtual writer’s festival by identifying other similarly sized virtual writers’ festivals, documenting the essential elements, capturing estimated costs and making comprehensive recommendations.